How To Choose the Best Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

For total outdoor fun and relaxation, most families look to maximizing their backyards with a nice and cool outdoor kitchen. This will allows families to have fun and spend quality time bonding with each other right in their backyard. Imagine grilling burgers outside on your lawn while you and your whole family lounge around sipping on ice-cold lemonade. If you are a bachelor, then consider imagining hanging out with your buddies sucking on ice cold brews while grilling the perfect steak to feed your animalistic hunger as men. Well, it is nice to imagine all of this but it should be better to actually make the dream come true. Now is the time to design your kitchen starting with your kitchen cabinets. Since the kitchen will be outside, the kitchen cabinets and countertops you choose need to be stylish while still resistant to the elements it will endure daily, rain or shine. Here are some tips to consider when choosing the best cabinets for your outdoor kitchen.

  • The material. The very first thing to consider when choosing and selecting the right and the best kitchen cabinet for your outdoor kitchen construction is the material it will be made of. You want something chic, stylish, but with a good sense of resiliency against the harsh weather it will endure day in and day out. There are actually a variety of choices. For starters, one material that is widely popular for men is stainless steel. It provides trend and manliness for your kitchen while making your kitchen cabinets strong enough to withstand almost anything. The only drawback is that stainless steel, over time, will weaken and may be exposed to rust.
  • Another option you can look into for material is teak, which is a type of wood that is very resistant against constant water and heat. Teak has been used for boats for decades now and should be a good material to be used for your kitchen cabinets. This will especially go well with your dark wood theme and design.
  • If you want stuff that may last a lifetime due to its synthetic durability, then polymer may be the material for you. Now, this may not be the best in terms of design but is the best for resiliency and durability.
  • In any case, decide on the best material and go with it. Let your contractor know what you want and have him proceed.
  • Hinges, handles, and drawers. Once you decide on the material to be used for your cabinets, your contractor should then ask you about the intricacies of your cabinets. First off, he will ask you if you want drawers, if so, what kind. Do you want the slide out or the open and pull type?  Once that is done, proceed to choosing the handle for your drawers and cabinets. If you are keen on metal, then use stainless steel. You may use teak and polymer as well but this will be dependent on the theme of your outdoor kitchen. Finally, once that is decided on, proceed to selecting the hinges. Again, hinges are critical here. Do not choose hinges made of materials that can develop rust, molds, or be too brittle. You will need hinges and screws that will be weather resilient. Stainless steel hinges may be your best option for this aspect. Finalize everything with your contractor to make it so.

Once all that is done, the final decision you will have to make with your contractor will be the number of cabinets and countertops you will want made. Of course, you will need to refer to your initial design for this. Make the final decisions so that the contractor can move on to it and finally complete your new outdoor kitchen.


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