How To Choose Types of Door Guard Systems

Crime rates have been relentlessly rising around the globe. With recessions and troubling times ahead, crime should not come as a wonder. From robberies, kidnapping, extortion, and even murder, criminals have many strategies that can be used. Some get caught, some escape, but many of these criminals are good at what they do. To protect your home and ensure the security of your family, look into the different types of door guard systems available in the market, so you can sleep soundly at night and have a worry-free mind even when you’re far away from your home.

  1. Alarms. These are devices that are attached to respective doors, windows, back-doors and rooftops that initiate a warning sound or visual alert when the identified perimeters – such as doors, windows, insulation access, etc. – has been breached. This warning can either be loud or silent, depending on the property owner and security director. Different types of alarm systems are available in the market, including ultrasonic detectors, passive infrared detectors, photo-electric beams, microwave detectors, glass break detectors, carbon monoxide, heat, and smoke detectors, and many others for indoor alarm systems. The following are for outdoor alarm systems: inertia or vibration (shaker) sensors, e-field, microwave barriers, passive magnetic field detection, microphonic systems, fiber optic cable, and h-field alarm systems, taut wire fence systems. There are many types of alarm systems catering specifically to different kinds of terrain, weather, infrastructure and other aspects. It is up to you to decipher what will work best with your proposed property.
  2. Locks. These are devices that are usually a part of the door mechanism, but with many other upgrades to ensure more protection. The following are different types of this door guard system: Padlocks, which are the most basic but also the most susceptible to lock-picking; Deadbolts, which are a sturdier, heavy-duty lock mechanism that is installed with plates and trim-wrappings; and Secondary Internal Locks, which have hooks or specialty latches customized within the framework of the door, including metal bars or blocks carefully installed internally.
  3. Accessories. There are many different types of door security system accessories that you can install in your doors and windows should you need a more effective door guard system. These are some of the accessories that you should look into: Door Strike Reinforcers, which have metal bars installed on or behind the entire door enclosing or mini metal bars installed around a deadbolt within the door frame, directly studded onto the wall); Door Chains, which have a mechanism that allows doors to open up slightly for receiving small packages like envelopes, folders, and mail; Door Viewers, which have a small hole from which you can see and inspect whoever is standing outside your door; and Specialized Hinge Screws, which have specialized screws that prevent visitors from just punching or kicking off your door once slightly open.

With the rising criminal activity today, citizens are left with no choice but to do all that they can to protect their home and families and ensure a happy and comfortable life. These are some of the steps that you can take to end up with security and peace of mind.


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