How To Clean a Brass Lamp

Cleaning a brass lamp is not complicated and there are several solutions that can be used to restore your brass lamps to their original beauty and shine. While you can purchase different products on the market you can also use time tested home made methods to get the job done. This article will show you how to bring back and keep the look you want for all your brass and copper objects.

Brass (is an alloy of copper and zinc), just like copper, will oxidize with time. The good looks will tarnish and unsightly black or green spots might even appear. It would be easier if you could place the brass object in a very hot water bath for a few minutes then scrub it with coarse salt, rinse the object well under running water, dry and polish it. This is a method that is effective for all brass and copper objects, but with a lamp that includes electric components, it can present some problems.

To clean a brass lamp that cannot be submerged in water, you can give it a beauty mask! Make a thick paste to apply on the surface. Mix a cup of white vinegar, a cup of flower, and a 1/2 cup of salt. Apply the mixture to you brass lamp and leave it on for a few hours. It is important to rinse well to remove every particle of the mask. After a thorough rinse, dry well and polish with a soft cloth. Your brass lamp should shine as it did when it was new.

When your brass or copper only needs light cleaning, you can opt for lemon juice. Cut a lemon in half, sprinkle it with salt and scrub your brass lamp with it, paying a little attention to areas that might show aging spots. If you do not have a lemon handy, you can also use lemon juice from concentrate, and pour it on a soft cloth and rub the lamp with it. It is another effective method to clean brass and copper. For little decorative chiseling that you cannot reach, you can squeeze a few drop of lemon juice and scrub with an old toothbrush. This method will allow you to get rid of the black accumulation in the chiseling.

Another product to clean a brass lamp can be found in your kitchen, an onion can accomplish the task. Cut the onion in half and rub it all over the lamp, removing part of the onion as it becomes black while you rub. To finish, make your brass lamp shine with a soft cloth. This last method is a quick way to clean your brass lamps regularly to keep them bright and shiny day after day.


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