How To Clean a Carpet

Regular cleaning of your carpet can extend its life. Failing to do so, will give your carpet an unfavorable condition. Spills and stains should immediately be cleaned as they occur. Abrasion of carpet fibers is caused by soil and other dirt allowed to be embedded into the carpet for a long time. Unfortunately, cleaning carpets is not simple. To clean your carpet, do the following steps:

  • Hire a carpet cleaner or just get a cleaning machine. Chose one, which is appropriate for your situation. Buy a cleaning solution or mix powder laundry detergent with water.

  • Transfer any furniture from the carpet. Do a spot cleaning on your carpet to see what immediate care it needs. Vacuuming your carpet every day will shorten its life because it will damage the loop of the matting.

  • For excess or accidental spill you can use a clean towel to dab up the spill. Do not scrub so the mess will not be enlarged.

  • Spray a stain remover and allow it to stand for several minutes. This will loosen the stain for easy removal. Remove your shoes or slippers upon entering your home. Do not step on your carpet with your shoes on.

  • A cleaning machine has directions on how to use. Follow these directions for adding cleaner and water.

  • Put the machine on the carpet, plug it in and turn it on. Run the machine on the soiled parts first then over the entire carpet. Run the machine in a back and forth motion over the carpet.

  • Starting from a corner, vacuum the carpet to remove the dirt from the surface. By vacuuming, the hidden stains are exposed.

  • Run it more times over the stained areas to ensure cleanliness. Remove the dirty water and refill with cleaner to make sure the entire carpet is clean.

  • Repeat the scrubbing with just fresh clean water only to remove the excess cleaner. Make sure to remove all the cleaner from the carpet so as not to pick up dirt very quickly.

  • Let the carpet dry completely. You may use an electric fan to quicken the drying.

  • When the carpet dries, decide if you need to repeat the cleaning. If it is cleaned and you are satisfied, return the machine, if it is rented; or keep it if you purchased it.

  • Professional cleaning once a year.  Cooking vapors are absorbed by the carpet and dulls its appearance. Have your carpet professionally cleaned once a year.

A clean carpet gives the household the picture of a clean family. Cleaning any spill is not only a sign of cleanliness but it will extend the life of your carpet many long years. Your carpet needs a tender loving care and should be cleaned by a vacuum at least once a week. If soils and other dirt grimes are not embedded in it, or if you are watchful of small spills, your carpet will give you a nearly brand new look.


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