How To Clean a Chenille Rug

Chenille is a soft fabric that's often used for decorative rugs. Because of its delicateness, chenille should not be used in high traffic areas. Instead, it's mostly used for decorative purposes. Some hang these on their walls, and some use these to accent living rooms. The challenge with cleaning chenille rugs, though, is that the fabric is soft and delicate. Most rugs will require dry cleaning. Most cannot be machine washed. In the rare event that you will need to wash your chenille rug, hand washing is the best option.

  • Vacuum your rug regularly. Do a regular vacuuming of your chenille rug, especially if you often pass through the area, or if it is located in an area prone to dust. When vacuuming a chenille rug, take care not to use beater or brush attachments, as these can get tangled up in the fabric, causing runs and damages to the rug. Instead, use an upholstery attachment, or a soft brush attachment.
  • Blot out any stains or wetness. Chenille rugs are not meant to stand moisture or spills. These can easily work their way into the fabric and cause stains. As soon as you spill something on your chenille rug, take several sheets of paper towel and place it over the spilled area. Blot out the moisture. Take care not to rub the surface, as this will encourage staining, and distribute the soaking even farther.
  • Spot clean any stains. To spot clean your chenille rug mix a small amount of laundry detergent with water until you get a lot of suds. Dab the suds onto the problem spots and blot out with paper towels until dry. For best results, use one part water with one part detergent, for the most amount of foam. You can also use rug cleaner for spot cleaning. Products like Resolve Clean can be useful in removing spots and stains. However, be sure to check first on an edge, corner, or other inconspicuous area before cleaning a more obvious area of the rug. Let the rug air dry afterwards.
  • Machine wash, if possible. If your chenille rug's care instructions allow machine washing, do so with the gentlest cycle, and the coldest water setting possible, and using a gentle detergent. This is to prevent the color from running. Also, after washing, air dry your chenille rug. Never use a tumble dryer, as this will cause deformations on the fabric. Similarly, don't hang your chenille rug on a clothesline, as hanging it wet will promote stretching.
  • Hand wash your rug. If washing is allowed by the care instructions, your best option would be to hand-wash your chenille rug. As with machine washing, use cold water and a gentle detergent. Don't wring your chenille rug to dry. Similarly, don't hang it on the clothesline. Just let it air dry. Once your chenille rug has dried, you will need to restore the nap to its original state. Use a soft bristled brush, such as a baby brush, to stroke the rug against its nap. The fibers should then stand up, making it soft to the touch. If you want a rougher appearance, you can stroke it in different directions.

Cleaning a chenille rug involves care and gentle attention. Don't treat it just like any rug, as it is delicate and has special needs.


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