How To Clean a Clogged Drip System

If the drip system in your home is not functioning properly, one of the usual causes is a clog that can be removed by cleaning the drip system. Instead of calling in the plumber, here are some ways to diagnose and clean the drip system to unclog it.

Use your fingers. For drip systems that only have a single drip that is clogged up, you can use your own fingers or a rubber stopper over the drip. Add some water and then remove your fingers and the plug. The pressure that the water generates will usually be enough to remove the clog in the drip system. This is called the back flush, and will generally push out minor debris that has gotten lodged in the drip line.

Remove the closures. If you have multiple drip openings that are clogged, however, the debris may have gotten caught in the closures that are found in the tubing line. To clean the closures, you will need to remove it from the tubing lines. Use water to rinse and flush the tubing lines. If you notice that the water is no longer soiled, the debris will likely have been flushed out. You can replace the end closures in the tubing lines.

Filter cleaning. Sometimes, the filter that is found in the drip system will get clogged especially if the drip system has not been cleaned in a long time. To clean the filter, you will need to unscrew it from the tubing. The filter is a cylindrical in shape and has a screen attached to it to filter the water out. Use a small brush or an old toothbrush that has been dipped in soap to remove the dirt that is trapped in the screen of the filter. Return the filter to the tubing and the drip system should work as usual.

Cleaning the Y filter. Drip systems also usually come with Y filters that are designed to clean themselves. When the drip system is heavily used, however, the Y filter can still be clogged. To unclog the Y filter, you will need to unscrew the cover in the dump valve and manually clean the filter using a brush. Sometimes, however, you will only need to activate the flush outlet, which will release the dirt that has gotten into the Y filters.

Look for breaks. If you have already tried out the steps above and the drip system is still clogged, you may have a break or leak in the drip system. You will need to repair the irrigation system yourself, or else contact a plumber to do the job for you. If you think that there is no line break, you can also use liquid clog removers. Simply place these on the clogged area and allow the solution to break down the dirt and debris. Afterwards, flush the clogged parts of the drip system with water.

You do not need to call the plumber each time the drip system at home is clogged. Through these easy steps, you should be able to clean and unclog the drip system yourself.


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