How To Clean a Convection Oven

Convection ovens have grown in popularity because of their capacity to cook food at even temperatures. The convection used by these ovens makes sure that air circulates in the oven and that the temperature is kept at a constant state whether on top or the bottom of the oven. Here’s how you can clean the oven after use.

Cool down and turn off. Make sure that the oven is turned off and that it has been given enough time to cool down. Hot ovens should not be cleaned not only because it can be dangerous for you, but also because sudden cold liquids in contact in the convection oven can weaken the oven walls. Also, some cleaners have chemicals that will cook when in contact with a hot oven, and can release noxious fumes. Apart from turning off the convection oven, you should also make sure that it is not connected to the power supply.

Empty the oven. Remove the racks and the other parts of the convection and place these in a small basin filled with warm water.  Clean the racks by adding some ammonia to the solution. Generally, one cup of ammonia should be added to one gallon of water. Let the solution soften the dirt on the rack, and then rinse the ammonia. Use regular soap and a brush to flake off the dirt from the rack.

Spray. There are cleaners that are specifically designed to clean ovens. Use these by spraying the cleaner onto the surface of the oven. Make sure that you get the cleaner into all of the tough to reach spots inside the convection oven, including the heating coils, the floor of the oven, the walls of the oven, and the oven door. Depending on the type of cleaner that you are using, you may need to use a soft cloth to remove the stubborn stains. In some types of cleaners, on the other hand, you will only need to let the cleaner set for several minutes. Read the instructions on the back of the cleaner to get the necessary instructions.

Wipe. Wipe the dirt that the oven cleaner has removed using an old piece of cloth, and to remove the last residues of the oven cleaner. Make sure that you do not use water to wash the insides of the oven, since this can cause rusting on the walls of the oven. If the walls are still dirty, you will need to reapply the oven cleaner.

Use the self-cleaning function. Some ovens come with self-cleaning functions. Use these if your device is properly equipped. You can also clean the convection oven naturally by placing a pot inside the oven and filling it with water and sliced lemons. The water vapor will help clean the surface of the oven. Afterwards, let the oven cool down and then wipe the oven dry.

A convection oven can help you get delicacies such as soufflés and other baked goods. By keeping it clean and using it properly, you should be able to prolong the life of your oven.


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