How To Clean a Crock Pot

The Slo-Cooker or Crock Pot wouldn’t sell like hot pancakes if it were so useless. The problem is, many households find this thing useless after using it for a few instances. It’s probably not a manufacturing defect. It probably is the user’s fault for not reading the manufacturer’s manual. In there, the instructions on how to take care of the Crock Pot, how to use it properly, and how to clean it are all written.

Just in case, you haven’t read that manual, here are the steps on cleaning your slow cooker:

  • Turn off. Unplug the Crock Pot from the outlet and let it cool. It is not too much trouble to do this but a lot are still cleaning the thing while it is on and while it is plugged in the electrical outlet.
  • Never wash the slow cooker if it is still hot. Sudden change in temperature will only break its inside material. When this happens over and over again, expect your Slo-Cooker to weaken its materials over time until it cannot be used anymore.
  • Wash it. Wash the lid using hot water combined with some dishwashing soap. Use sponge or cloth to wipe off any food residues from the lid. Do not use scouring pads or abrasive cleaning solution for this.
  • Crock Pots can be removable or not. Remove the removable slow cooker and wash it using hot and soapy water. Again, never scrub the Crock Pot with a scouring pad and never use any abrasive cleaning agent for it. Instead, use sponge or cloth to remove food residues. Rubber spatula will be more helpful for more stubborn foods.
  • Meanwhile, stains can be removed with vinegar. This liquid can be directly dropped on the affected area or it can be wiped on it. Leave it sitting on the stained portion for five minutes before washing it again with dishwasher.
  • For non-removable slow cookers, damp a clean cloth with soapy water. Rub it on the thing until all the food stains are gone. Rinse it by wiping the cooker with a clean cloth, damped in tap water.
  • Clean the base. You can’t wash the base as how you would wash the lid and the cooker. Electrical wirings might get wet, which could result to damages. Instead, wipe the base using a clean and soft cloth that is damped with warm and soapy water. Remove the soap residues by wiping a clean cloth damped in fresh water on the base. Continue wiping the base until no soap residue is left.

Too much trouble with cleaning the Crock Pot would have been avoided. Simply spray some cooking spray on the cooker before you start using it. Doing so will prevent foods from hardening, which means easier cleaning.

Alternatively, a plastic liner made especially for slow cookers can be placed in the cooker. Using this, you don’t even have to wash the cooker anymore. Simply throw this plastic liner and you’re done cleaning.

Keeping your Crock Pot clean at all times is similar to maintaining its excellent performance. So, read the manual again and take note of the important instructions. Reading this could save you from spending and from wasting a prematurely damaged slow cooker.


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