How To Clean a Dryer

You may not realize that your clothes dryer does require regular cleaning and maintenance. Most people believe that they just need to clean the lint trap and the dryer will run fine for years. This might be true but your dryer will become less efficient and more hazardous the longer you go without cleaning it. Follow these simple steps to clean a dryer.

  1. Clean lint filter after each use. Every time you use the dryer you should be sure to remove all the lint from the lint trap. Forgetting this step even twice can increase the heat build up in your dryer that can lead to a fire hazard. Plus the lint build up causes the dryer to run less efficiently and require more energy to dry the same load of clothes.
  2. Wipe out the drum. At the end of each week when you've dried several loads of laundry, take a few minutes to wipe out the inside of the dryer drum. Use a damp cloth to wipe out the drum. Check for any stains or lint build up inside the drum. You might find a sharp edge that is catching or snagging your clothes and causing damage.
  3. Clean space around the dryer. The dryer isn't the only area that needs to be cleaned. Look at the walls and floor around your dryer. Are there clothes stuck behind the dryer? Or maybe you notice a layer of lint on all the walls. The lint is a good indicator that your dryer is not working properly. Pull the dryer out and wipe down the walls and floor to remove lint and trapped dirt and dust.
  4. Unplug dryer for annual cleaning. Once each year you should do a full inspection and cleaning of your dryer. Unplug the dryer and pull it away from the wall. Clean behind and under the dryer to remove any loose dirt or lint.
  5. Vacuum lint trap. Use a vacuum hose to clean the lint trap area. Some lint makes it past the lint trap and that needs to be vacuumed.
  6. Inspect and clean exhaust duct. On the rear of the dryer you should notice the exhaust duct. It might be a rigid duct or a flexible duct. The flexible duct is more likely to get clogged with lint. Check the duct for bends or kinks that might be trapping lint. Then remove the duct from the dryer and inspect the inside of the duct. If you notice lint clogging the duct then vacuum out the duct as much as possible. If there are kinks or a large amount of lint build up you might need to contact a repair technician to replace the duct.

Keeping your dryer clean allows it to run efficiently and save you money. A clean dryer will also reduce the fire hazard of your laundry area. By following these steps you can clean a dryer.


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