How To Clean a Food Processor

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A food processor can be a great tool in your kitchen, expanding the recipes you can prepare in record time. The only drawback to a gadget like a food processor is the effort it requires to clean when you're done with it. A food processor doesn't have to be a tool that looks great but ends up forgotten in the rear of your kitchen cabinet. Instead, follow these steps to clean a food processor.

  1. Unplug the unit. Before you start taking things apart or toss the food processor into the sink, remember that it is an electrical appliance. Take the precaution of unplugging the unit from the wall and keeping the base power section away from the water.
  2. Disassemble the parts and blades. If the food processor is new or just too complex to remember how all the parts go together, grab your manual before you begin this step. Then slowly remove the lid, plunger, bowl, blades and any detachable parts from the main power unit or base of your food processor. The main power unit should not be taken apart or immersed in water. This part will be wiped clean in a later step. Once you have disassembled all the available parts, lay them on the counter so you can clean them and still put them back together afterward.
  3. Scrape all loose food particles. Use a spatula or dry paper towel to scrape and remove all chucks and loose food particles from the food processor.
  4. Wash parts with hot water and soap. If your food processor parts are machine washable, feel free to use the dishwasher. If not, fill the sink with water as hot as you can stand it and a mild dishwashing detergent. Soak the parts for a few minutes then scrub clean.
  5. Rinse with hot water. Rinse the parts with hot water making sure to remove all soap residues. Place each part on a clean, dry paper towel on the kitchen counter. 
  6. Wipe exterior of base section. If any food particles splashed or spilled onto the base section of the food processor, take the time to wipe the entire base clean with hot water and a clean cloth.
  7. Let dry. Let the parts dry completely before reassembling the food processor them putting it away for storage until you are ready to use it again.

A food processor is a great tool for your kitchen. Don't avoid using it just because clean up seems difficult. Instead, follow these steps to make cleaning the food processor a breeze any time you use it.


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