How To Clean a Four Burner Gas Grill

A family's burner gas grill is part of every family Sunday barbecue. The family cooks steaks, burgers, hotdogs, and others on them. However ashen leftovers of cooked food can build up over a course of time and the grill will need to be cleaned. Foods being cooked drop fat and grease, sauce and juices unto the grill. This may affect the efficiency of the grill. Through time this will also affect the taste and quality of the food.

The whole cleaning process will take less than an hour regardless of the size of the barbecue itself. So follow the instructions below on how to clean a four burner gas grill.

  1. Gather what you need. For this cleaning you will need a grill cleaning brush and spray, paper towels, garbage bag, and vacuum cleaner. The brush will be used to scrape the accumulated residue on the BBQ. The cleaner spray will be used to soften and remove food residue. The vacuum cleaner will be used to suck out bits and pieces from the BBQ.
  2. Prepare the grill. You will be cleaning a gas burner. Take very special precaution not to ignite any spark that could trigger any untoward incident. Prepare the burner gas grill by shutting off and allowing the escape gas. Let it stand for at least ten minutes after shutting the gas off. This way you allow the escape of remaining propane and avoid accident.
  3. Start with the grill bars. After sufficient time to prepare the grill, start with the grill bars. Brush grill bars in horizontal, vertical, and circular motion. This will preliminarily scrape food remnants off. Then brush all other parts like burner plates, covers, and grease catch.
  4. Spray the grill. Now use the grill spray cleaner. Spray the surface of the grill bars on two sides. Remove the grill bars and put it aside. Spray the interior of the BBQ with the cleaner, and then, remove the burner covers and spray them with the grill cleaner too.
  5. Do a second brushing. After soaking all parts with grill cleaner spray, do a second brushing. Start with the grills again, and then to the other parts in the same order you brushed and sprayed them. This you do after the parts have been soaked. After this, scoop up residue using paper towels.
  6. Use a vacuum. Before reassembly, use the vacuum to reach parts that cannot be accessed by the brush.
  7. Reassemble the grill. After vacuuming off other remaining residue, reassemble the parts. Do not forget to turn the valve of the fuel tank on. Make sure all parts are properly fitted back to the grill.
  8. Clean the exterior. Once the parts have been reassembled, clean the exterior. Use the spray and the paper towels for this.

That is how to clean a four burner gas grill. Once done, let the BBQ stand for a few minutes before using it again. Throw all remnants and the used paper towels into the waste bag and dispose of them properly.


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