How To Clean a Garage Door Sensor

Are you wondering why your garage door isn't closing and why it's always coming back up when it should be going down? Well there are many reasons this could be happening, but the main cause could simply be that your sensors are not clean.

This can happen from the changing seasons, as dirt and grime can sometimes find its way into mysterious places or maybe your child brushed up against the sensor with the wheel of his dirt bike. Either way it can cause for a stressful dilemma.

Don't worry, cleaning a sensor is one of the easiest things to accomplish and can be done in a short and relatively easy session.

There are no special tools needed for this endeavor and the only items that should be used can be found in almost every home around the country. To complete this task you will need a damped towel, some mild detergent, and a paper towel.

First, you should turn the power off to the garage itself. This is a very important step and shouldn't be taken lightly. A garage door can weigh almost 400 pounds and can cause severe injuries to the person whom it falls down on.  Such accidents have killed several people over the years.

After the power is cut to the garage you will then need to locate the sensors. The sensors are box shaped and can be found on the bottom of each side of the inside of the garage door. Most of the time there is a light that shines on the front of the sensors.

Once you have located the sensor, you can then take your damp cloth and apply a few pea size drops of mild detergent on them. The detergent can be the same detergent that is used for cleaning your dishes, and it should not contain any harmful or corrosive ingredients like bleach.

Once the detergent is applied to the towel, you can then apply the towel to the sensors and with small circular motions start to clean the lens of the sensor. Once you notice the grime starting to dissipate you should wipe it dry with a basic dry paper towel. Repeat this step on the second sensor as well.

After all the cleaning is done you should turn the power back on and test out the new clean sensors. If the door comes down and closes without any problem then your job is complete. If it doesn't, then you may need to purchase some new sensors.


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