How To Clean a George Foreman Grill

A George Foreman grill makes for a lean and easy meal. However, that easy meal doesn't always make for an easy clean up. It isn't always easy getting dinner off of the grill without damaging the surface of the George Foreman grill, but it can be done.

Step 1

Once the grill is cool, scrape it clean. Using the plastic spatula that comes with the grill (it has three slots that make it a perfect fit for the grooves of the grill) scrape off the grease and solids that have accumulated. Carefully throw in the trash (grease is bad for drains so don't rinse it down the sink). Scrape as much clean as you can.

Leaving the grill overnight or longer makes it harder to clean. Cleaning it right away is always a good idea. 

Step 2

Wipe down with paper towel. Using paper towel wipe the grill as clean as possible. This will take most of the grease away and let you throw it away.

Step 3

Wash it. Using a sponge (you can use a soft sponge or buy one specifically designed for the George Foreman Grill) wash the grill. If it is really dirty, add a dab of soap, but make sure that you do a good job rinsing it off by wiping it a few times with a fresh sponge.

Step 4

Wipe the outside of the grill. Using your sponge, wipe the outside carefully. This should be done on the lid, but also in areas that have a lot of chance for grease collection. This can include the back under the lid as well as under the lip of the front of the grill.

Step 5

Use paper towels to wipe the drip collection tray clean(er). Grease collects in the collection tray and can be horrible for your sink. So, use a piece of paper towel to wipe as much of it clean as possible.

Step 6

Wash the collection tray and spatula in hot soapy water. 

A clean George Foreman Grill can make it easier to make for an easier time next time you want to use it. It doesn't have to be super hard and it doesn't even have to take very long. With a few quick and easy steps you will find yourself with a clean grill ready to be stored till next time!


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