How To Clean a Jetted Bathtub

Investing in a jetted bathtub is always plausible and reasonable. Some even say that it is a luxurious necessity nowadays. It could even be your secret getaway. Imagine the inimitable pleasure of plunging, relaxing, and cooling down in a whirlpool bath or Jacuzzi, anytime you want, at the convenience of your own home.

However, your jetted bathtub should be cleaned regularly and thoroughly. Otherwise, it would be, without doubt, a well-located refuge for microbes and molds. Without your knowledge, microbes and molds could get you sick. Then, your happy days with your jetted bathtub are suddenly gone.

Well, frown no more. Here are some handy cleaning suggestions to make and keep your jetted bathtub sparkling and germ-free:

  1. Treat the water in your jetted bathtub. Unlike a spa or a hot tub, your jetted bathtub is not situated or installed in an open space. It is basically inside your bathroom. Filling it up with water treated with chemicals would clearly sanitize it. Bacteria are eventually killed and worries quickly disappear.
  2. Follow some general cleaning instructions. Majority of the jetted bathtubs available on the market are specially made from either fiberglass or acrylic. That means, using harsh cleaning materials should be avoided. They would definitely damage your unit. Anyway, gently pour warm water and a few drops of liquid dishwashing detergent to your jetted bathtub. Turn on the swirl. Keep it running for a while. Then, time a maximum of 10 minutes. After draining your jetted bathtub, leave it to air dry. Your jetted bathtub is already sanitized. Regularly cleaning your jetted bathtub would save you from a lot of hassles.
  3. Bleach tough build up of mildew or mold in your jetted bathtub. The procedures are quite similar with No. 2. However, note the need for more water here. Begin by filling up your jetted bathtub with water. The water should be war. Don’t let the water level reach the brim. You don’t want it to splash all over your bathroom. Then, throw in the bleach to the water. Measure about a cup. Then, operate the jets. They should be turning for about 10 minutes. When you stop the jets, check areas with tough mildew or mold formation. Gently scrub them if they are still unmoved. After a while, drain the water with bleach solution. Using a hose, rinse the residual bleach water. Again, fill up your jetted bathtub with warm water. When you switch on the jets, the warm water should be diluting or removing the bleach residue, making your jetted bathtub dazzling clean and free of mildew or mold formation.

Don’t let your jetted bathtub disappoint you. A number of people are dismayed when their jetted bathtubs start releasing soap, bath oil, and dirt dregs. Most of the time, they conveniently blame their suppliers and out rightly claim that their jetted bathtubs are run on the mill. They never thought that such mishap could have been avoided if they only followed the care tips mentioned above. So, a little indulgence would let you use your jetted bathtub longer.


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