How To Clean a Kitchen After Cooking

Cooking is one task that a lot of people want to do, but behind it, there is one big hassle, which is cleaning the spoiled kitchen utensils and the entire kitchen. Imagine cooking a feast, but after cooking, your kitchen has looked like a hurricane just passed through it. Or just try looking at a boy’s kitchen at his dorm. Looks really disgusting, doesn’t it?

Good thing is that there is a hassle free way to clean the kitchen. With this, a lot of people will get hooked into cooking, because cleaning the kitchen after having a great cooking time is simplified and can be done by almost anyone.
The steps towards a clean and sanitized kitchen are as follows:

  1. First, arrange and put up the same utensils together after disposing of the wet or organic garbage.
  2. Next, let the pots and pans cool off before washing them to avoid being burned.
  3. Start washing the soiled dishes, and remember to put a generous amount of dishwashing liquid onto your sponge.
  4. Soap first the used glass and cups, followed by the silverware such as the spoons and the forks, and then wash the used plates and bowls. This is because the cups and glasses aren’t that dirty when compared to the plates. This will save your dishwashing liquid and your effort of washing your sponge every now and then.
  5. Last to soap are the pots and pans, because they are the most greased kitchen utensils.
  6. Rinse off the soap dishes thoroughly.
  7. The next thing to do is to clean the sink, rinse it well, and wipe the sides with a clean piece of cloth or rag.
  8. Wipe the countertops with a cleaning agent. A solution of baking soda and vinegar will do. Then rinse it with water to wash off the dirt.
  9. After cleaning the kitchen surface, don’t forget to clean the gas stove. Wipe the side area using a sponge with a small amount of dishwashing liquid to remove the oils and grease. Be careful not to touch the area exposed to fire to avoid any accidents.
  10. Empty the trash bin, and replace it with a new garbage bag to avoid piles of garbage.
  11. Also remember to clean the kitchen floor. Sweep it to remove the mess in the entire flooring, use a dustpan to catch the dirt.
  12. After sweeping the floor, mop it thoroughly to finalize cleaning the kitchen. It is good to use a mop soaked in a nice and fresh smelling detergent to leave a nice aroma in the entire kitchen area. Be cautious in mopping the floor to avoid slipping on the kitchen floor.   

Having a nice and well-arranged kitchen will be a great benefit to the people who love to cook. They will be more determined to cook a lot of savory dishes for their loved ones. Also, those busy people, who dislike cooking because of the tremendous mess left after cooking, will be motivated to cook, because of this hassle free ways to clean a kitchen. A clean kitchen is an integral part of successful cooking.


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