How To Clean a Meat Grinder

If you have a meat machine at your home for whatever recipe you want to cook, it is a must that you know how to properly clean it. This is not only to ensure the cleanliness of the meat being produced but also the durability of the meat equipment itself. Check out how to properly clean for your machine, be it a meat stuffer, meat mixer, or meat grinder:

  1. Using bread - As you know, the meat machine really becomes too greasy right after it has been used. The grease cannot be removed by washing it with soap and water alone. What you can do is get a few slices of bread to aid you in the cleaning. If you run this through the meat grinder and any other meat equipment, it will clean all that grease as well as some pieces of meat left in the grinder.
  2. Hand washing - Don't ever think of using a dishwasher here, especially if you have a cast iron meat machine or even plastic pieces. You need to wash it by hand to protect the blades as well. This also reduces the chance of the grinder becoming rusty. Also, you need to scrub anti-bacterial washing soap in all its parts and rinse it properly.
  3. Drying - Remember that right after you wash the grinder and its parts, dry it piece by piece. Get a dry towel to help you in the drying process of the parts. Don't consider air drying the pieces for it can cause the grinder to get rusty. Also, it is not a good idea to keep it wet for a long time as it will give the same results as well.
  4. Storing - The last part of cleaning the grinder is storing it. You need not place it together with other kitchen pieces as most of the parts are sensitive and delicate. For the blades and other accessories, it is best to store it in a zip lock bag with some grains of rice in it. The rice will act in absorbing any moisture left in the pieces, therefore reducing the chances of rusting. You can also do this same technique with the main unit of the meat mixer and meat stuffer. However, instead of a zip lock bag, it needs to be placed in a plastic container with rice in it.

With all these proper ways in cleaning your meat grinder, your mind can always be at ease when you eat your favorite salami or any other recipes made from ground meat. You will always be assured that the ground meat is done through clean means. Therefore, you never have to worry again about your health as well as the status of the meat grinder itself.


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