How To Clean a Persian Rug

Persian culture is a major contributor in today’s modern way of life. It has influenced modern architecture, business, and engineering. In smaller ways, we have even brought a piece of this ancient culture into our homes by way of a carpet or rug. An authentic Persian rug is just a piece of carpet that we use to design our living spaces and fill our homes with an antiquated culture. In Persian culture, these rugs are highly treasured and sought after. In fact, most far eastern countries still continue to place these works of art in high regard. Like any carpet or rug, a Persian rug does require some maintenance and cleaning to preserve its beauty and cultural appeal.

1.    Gather the materials. In order to properly clean your beloved Persian rug, you will need to purchase and prepare several items.

  • A vacuum cleaner.
  • A bucket with water.
  • Dish washing soap.
  • A sponge.
  • A soft-bristled brush.

2.    Vacuum the rug. The first step in the proper cleaning of your Persian rug is by vacuuming it thoroughly. Take off anything on top of the rug to ensure fluid vacuum movement. Start with one side and finish on the other side. Once you finish once side, shift to the side perpendicular to the one you finished. Make sure to run the vacuum through twice or thrice to ensure that any dust and unwanted particles are removed. Don’t forget the edges as well. If the rug is really dusty, you may consider hanging the rug on a wire outside your house and whacking it with a tennis racket or baseball bat to dislodge the dust build up. Do this before vacuuming for a better effect.

3.    Wash the rug. Mix some dishwashing soap in a bucket of water. Stir it until suds appear. Get a sponge and gently scrub the rug. Make sure to scrub in the direction of the nap. You can start with a specific side of the rug working your way to the other side. As soon as you finished with the sponge, get the brush and soak it in the washing solution. Gently brush the rug for a thorough clean. Make sure to brush away from the rug to preserve the rug fabric.

4.    Rinse the rug. Once you are satisfied with the wash, rinse the rug off with running water. It is important to rinse off any traces of soap in the rug. Squeeze the rug after rinsing to expel excess water. If you have a squeegee or a clean mop, use this to squeeze out and absorb any residual water.

5.    Dry the rug. Leave the rug to dry outside in the sun. For an optimized effect, hang the rug on a laundry wire or rope to dry. This will provide simultaneous natural drying for both sides of the rug.

Cleaning a Persian rug is never easy since there are some levels of manual labor involved in the activity. If your rug is quite large, ask a couple of friends to help you out. If you want to leave this work to experts, you can call any local carpet cleaning company in your area. This should be a piece of cake for them.


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