How To Clean a Red Brick Patio

Red brick patios have a certain appeal for most people due to their antiquated feel. This is the primary reason why a lot of homes incorporate this patio design in their home exteriors, specifically the backyard. Unfortunately, through weathering, a typical red brick patio will attract dirt and gook. In addition, mold, moss, and weeds build up. If not maintained, the patio will lose the appeal and feel that it offers to a home. To make matters worse, the condition of a neglected red brick patio can affect the surrounding plant life and areas like the lawn or yard. To avoid the speedy dilapidation of the patio, plants, and surrounding areas, it must be regularly and properly cleaned and cared for.

1.    Gather the materials. To effectively clean a red brick patio, you will need to acquire certain materials from a hardware supply store. Some items are most probably already stored in your garage as well.

  • Broom or brush with stiff bristles
  • Hose
  • An environment-friendly cleaning solution
  • Bucket
  • Mop

2.    Remove the furniture and plants. Before starting your red brick patio maintenance, you must first remove all the lawn furniture, pots, and plants on the patio and the near vicinity surrounding it. Place them in the garage or on the lawn far from the patio.

3.    Clear the patio of debris and weeds. Now that your patio is clear of furniture and plants, start brushing off all the debris such as leaves, twigs, and other gook that have accumulated. Use the stiff-bristled broom or brush. Make sure to include the ridges in between each brick.

4.    Pull the weeds. In a matter of days, unwanted weeds can develop and grow along the ridges and canals between the bricks. If not tended to regularly, this can eventually cover the bricks and in some cases, cause the brick to break apart. Pull all the unwanted weeds out. Make sure that you do not leave any weed behind. Use a small knife to help you in the hard to reach ridges. Remove any dirt, leaves, or gook as well.

5.    Hose the patio with water. As soon as you clear the patio of weeds and debris, hose the patio down with water. Make sure that the water is running strong. If you have a pressurized water sprayer, this would be a better choice. This should loosen and take out any other grime or gook left behind.

6.    Prepare and apply the cleaning solution. If you were able to purchase an environment-friendly cleaning solution, then all you have to do is mix it in a bucket of water. Refer to the instructions on the back of the cleaner bottle. You can use a little bleach with water if the cleaner is not available. The cleaner or bleach water solution will clean the stains, kill the molds and moss, and make your patio looking new again. Mix the solution in the bucket and soak the mop in the bucket. Start mopping the patio brick by brick. For tough stains, use the brush to scrub it off. Let the solution sit for a few minutes to allow it to truly be effective.

7.    Hose it down again. After a few minutes, rinse the brick patio with strong, running water. Make sure to hose it down thoroughly leaving no traces of the cleaning solution. Leave the patio to dry naturally. Once dry, move the patio furniture and plants back.

Cleaning a red brick patio needs to be done at least once a month. Some people consider making it a weekly habit. This is totally dependent on you and on how quickly your patio can become dirty.


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