How To Clean a Refrigerator

Take the Grime Out of Your Fridge

Refrigerators can easily accumulate dirt and grime over a short period of time. It is important that we keep our fridge spic and span at all times primarily because we use this equipment to store our food. Bacteria can flourish inside our fridge if we don't keep it clean. This poses potential health risks that may harm us and our family members.

Step 1

Wipe the outside surface of your refrigerator with a cleaning solution. You can use warm water and baking soda. Use a clean cloth to wipe the surface. You can also use chlorine, but be sure to read the instructions closely and get the proportions right.  Chlorine and baking soda will help remove stains and bad smells from your refrigerator.

Step 2

Clear out all the stuff inside your refrigerator.  Make sure your refrigerator is empty. Throw out the expired and foul-smelling foods that may have been forgotten over time. Do not forget to also throw out leftover foods that have been lingering for more than a few days.

Step 3

Use white vinegar and warm water to clean the inside surface of your refrigerator. Use a scrub to take off the stains and dirt inside. Use a dry cloth to dry out the surfaces. Make sure you cover all the corners and shelves.

Step 4

Place baking soda in an open container inside the refrigerator. Baking soda will absorb odor from inside your refrigerator.  Discard of the baking soda when you're through (or in other words, don't use it to make cookies!)

Make it a habit to clean on a weekly basis to avoid accumulation of dirt, grime and mold inside your fridge. This will help keep the refrigerator clean and safe for food.


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