How To Clean a Sleep Number Bed

Would you pay $7,000 for a king-size bed? Well, if it’s a Sleep Number Bed, you would. That is why having this bed is a big investment. It is as financially valuable as your car. It certainly deserves delicate maintenance and cleaning. You don’t want your $7,000 investment to be wasted. Most importantly, you don’t want to exchange your comforting sleep to the usual bedtime just because of wrong maintenance.

It is very important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean a Sleep Number bed. Select Comfort is known for its impressive customer service. They will be more than willing to guide you on how to properly clean your precious bed. For now, you can follow the cleaning steps below:

  • Vacuum. Suck out the dirt on the bed’s mattress cover by using your vacuum cleaner. Unzip the cover and vacuum inside it. Sleep Number Bed is a customized bed to give you the perfect sleeping comfort. This is the reason why it has unusual uneven texture. Although beneficial, this texture is the culprit why dust and other dirt can sit on the bed. Vacuuming the dirt should already remedy your problem.
  • Remove stain. Spot treatment is highly recommended by the manufacturer when removing stains. Use mild detergent as your cleaning solution. Bath soap should do the trick. Simply apply a little amount of this soap on a wet cloth. Directly blot this soaped part on the stain. Gently rub the stain until it is gone.

Blot a soap-free part of that wet cloth on the stain. This should remove the soap residues on the mattress cover.

Cleaning the Mattress

The steps above are the simplest cleaning you can do for the mattress cover. Vacuuming inside it should have cleaned the mattress already. But how about removing the stains and nasty smell on the mattress? This happens when a child urinates on the bed. The spot treatment discussed above will never remedy this kind of mattress problem. This is a more complicated problem that needs a tougher cleaning.

Get the mattress out of the mattress cover. Bring it to the bathtub or a big basin. Wet a sponge with water and apply some mild detergent on it. Spot treat the stained area. Wait for some minutes and then, wipe the soap away with a soap-free sponge. The stained area can be rinsed through running water also as long as other parts of the mattress will not get wet.

Pat the mattress dry using a towel and let it to air dry.

Don’ts When Cleaning a Sleep Number Bed

Select Comfort discourages the following when cleaning their Select Number Bed:

  • Do not wring the mattress. It will only destroy the materials.
  • Do not soak the mattress in water.
  • Do not use bleach for the bed.
  • Do not dry clean either the mattress base coverlet or the mattress cover.
  • Do not dry the bed’s mattress or mattress cover in a dryer.
  • Do not apply stain-guard on the mattress.

In case your cleaning concern is not mentioned here, better call up the Select Comfort customer representative or visit their website.


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