How To Clean a Stained Bathtub

If you have a stained bathtub, it makes your whole bathroom look bad. Though you cannot always control the stains that are present in the tub, you have the power to make it sparkle once again. The secret is as simple as cleaning it from time to time.

The problem here is that stains in a bathtub are usually hard to remove. You will find a lot of cleaning agents in the market that don’t seem to do any good. Plus, harsh chemicals can damage the exterior finish of the tub. Good thing that there are several home remedies that you can consider cleaning your bathtub with. Check out these easy-to-follow tips to have the tub’s great sparkle once again:

  • Baking Soda. Old dirt as well as grime on your bathtub can easily be removed by the power of baking soda. Mix two parts of baking soda to one part of hydrogen peroxide. Apply it onto the bathtub and wait for around 30 or 40 minutes. Afterwards, grab a non-abrasive cloth or sponge and scrub the whole of the tub. Rinse it thoroughly once done.
  • Vinegar. Prepare your tub by filling it up with hot water. The level of water must just be enough to cover all the stains. Then, pour around three to four cups of vinegar into the tub for a few hours. Drain it and start to scrub the bathtub's stains. However, make sure that you are using safe and natural vinegar for this purpose.
  • There is also another way of using vinegar for cleaning a bathtub. Apply a good amount of vinegar on the stained surfaces of the tub. Let the vinegar sit on the area for at least one hour. Then, fill the tub with hot water. Let the water and the vinegar sit in the tub overnight. The next morning, drain the water and scrub off the area. Rinse it well with water to finish off the job.
  • Powdered cleanser. Make a paste by mixing in a powdered cleanser with little water. Grab a washcloth and use it to apply this paste onto areas where there are stains. Leave the paste there for 15 minutes or more. Scrub the areas with stain using a moistened sponge or cloth. Rinse it well enough afterwards.
  • Bleach. Get equal parts of water and bleach. Mix them together in any spray bottle. Spray this solution around the tub as well as the faucet and tiles. Wait for 15 minutes the least before you scrub it off with a brush. Rinse all scrubbed areas thoroughly after doing so.

There is no more need for you to invest on expensive cleaning agents for the purpose of cleaning your bathtub. With solutions that can be found at your own home, you can successfully bring back the sparkle of your tub. Plus, you are not risking the condition of the tub because you are not using any harmful chemicals. Just a hint, so that no serious stains will occur again, make it a point to clean the tub weekly.


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