How To Clean a Stove Without Harsh Chemicals

Whether you have a gas or electric stove in your kitchen, this is one of the most important appliances in your kitchen, and in some cases your house. With this reasoning, you will want to take extra care of it because you use it a lot and because it is too expensive to replace. The proper way to care for your stove is to clean it regularly. In fact, some of the more meticulous homemakers clean their stoves after each use. However, a lot of the cleaning agents sold commercially contain a lot of chemicals considered to be very harsh. These chemicals can greatly reduce the appearance of your stove from regular cleaning. A good cleaning technique to ensure that your stove’s appearance does not wear down from regular cleaning is by using a non-abrasive cleaning solution.

1.    Prepare the cleaning agents. To perform an effective cleaning of your stove, you must have a number of particular cleaning items on hand.

  • Paper towels or a clean cloth
  • A cleaning solution of 1 part water and 1 part vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • A spray bottle
  • A sponge
  • Dish washing soap
  • Glass cleaner

2.    Clean the surface burner. Most modern stoves have sealed stovetops. These burner surfaces are flat and do not allow the burner grates to be removed. These stove types are easier to clean since you will only need to pay attention to the top. Spray the cleaning solution and wipe it with a cloth in a circular motion. This should be enough to take out oils, stains, and spills. For older stove models with removable burners, take out the top and the burner grates. Spray the solution around the burners and sprinkle baking soda. Mix until pasty and let it sit. Wipe it off after a few minutes. This should take care of any oil and stains left behind. Wash the burner grates in your sink with water and dish washing soap. Use a sponge to scrub the grime and soot from the grates. Let the burner grates dry naturally. Take out all the control knobs and use the same cleaning solution. Wipe out any oil and stains on it as well with a paper towel or cloth. Dry with a clean cloth. Once every component is dry, reassemble the stovetop back.

3.    Clean the oven. First thing to do is remove the oven door. This can be easily removed. Refer to the stove’s user’s manual for instructions. To clean both sides of the door, apply the same cleaning solution paste and like you did with the stovetop. For the oven door glass window, spray some glass cleaner on a cloth and wipe it down gently. Before reattaching the oven door, you will want to clean the oven interior. Take out the oven grills and wash it in your sink with water and dish washing soap. Scrub with a sponge and make sure oil, grime, and stains are removed. Spray the water and vinegar solution all around the oven interior and wipe it with a soft sponge. Let it dry. Put the oven grills back into place. Reattach the door. Use a dry cloth and wipe each part again to ensure total cleanliness and dryness.

With the water and vinegar solution, cleaning a stove can be done without worrying about ruining its appearance. Your stove will maintain its freshness for a longer amount of time. At the same time, it should optimize its function as well. Remember to make it a habit.


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