How To Clean a Water Dispenser on a Refrigerator Door

Water dispensers on your refrigerator door are one of various additions and features on modern refrigerators. It serves as easy access for hot or cold water, and can minimize the need to open the entire fridge door, thus saving you some electricity. Fridge water dispensers are built to last for many years, before signs of wear and tear appear. Since water usually contains bacteria and other microorganisms, one has to clean the water dispenser regularly. Instead of using harsh chemicals, you may use natural substances, normally found in your cupboard, as cleaning solution. Here are simple steps on how to clean a water dispenser on a refrigerator door. 

  • Prepare all the materials needed. For this, you need a screwdriver, a nipple brush, three cups of distilled vinegar, funnel and packing tape.
  • Turn the water supply off. Switch off the water regulator that supplies water to the dispenser by turning the switch clockwise. Use the screwdriver to turn loose the screw attached on the copper tube. Take the end of the tube and slip it out.
  • Use distilled vinegar. Get three cups of distilled white vinegar. Carefully pour the solution in the tube using a funnel. Take the tip of the tube and place it upright so that the vinegar solution goes to the tubing and straight into the water reservoir. Let the solution stay inside for about five to ten minutes. Put the tube at the back wall of the refrigerator or stick it inside the fridge using a packing tape. This will keep the solution intact and prevent solution spills.
  • Clean the icemaker. Remove the contents of the icemaker. Turn the lever of the icemaker on. This will make the vinegar solution go all the way from the reservoir to the inside of the icemaker.
  • Turn the button of the dispenser on. Push the lever on the spout. This will allow the vinegar solution to course from the dispenser’s system and spill out of the waterspout. This way, the entire system is cleansed and disinfected.
  • Clean the waterspout. Use a nipple brush (the one used for a baby’s silicone nipples) to clean the inner part of the waterspout. Dip the nipple brush in a distilled vinegar solution. Brush the inner side of the spout, and the open ends of the copper tube. Make sure that no grime is left.
  • Brush the drainage plate. Clean the drainage plate and the dispenser reservoir. You can use the brush dipped in the vinegar solution for this purpose.
  • Reinstall the copper tubes. Remove the packing tape at the end of the copper tube. Place the tube back into its original position. Fasten the screws using the screwdriver.
  • Turn on the switch. Push the valve switch on. Keep the waterspout lever open and leave the water draining for some time to clear the system from the dirt and excess vinegar solution. Close the lever when there are no traces of vinegar. This means the water is acceptable for consumption.
  • Turn the icemaker on. Throw away the first batch of ice, since it still might taste sour from the vinegar solution.

Make water dispenser cleaning a part of your weekly household routine. This will ensure that the water you have is safe for consumption. It will also prolong the life of your fridge door and water dispenser.


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