How To Clean a White Leather Jacket

Fashion trends come and go. Along with the fashionable items that keep on resurging season after season is the leather jacket. These come in various shapes, sizes and colors. White is a popular choice of colors, especially during the cooler months of the year. However, if you are fond of wearing white leather jackets, you should be prepared to give it extra care. White is easily stained and soiled. It will also be more difficult to remove or even hide any stained spots, especially if the material that stained your jacket is tough to remove.

Care of white leather jackets is basically the same with any other leather garment. If the staining or soiling is heavy, then you will need to get professional help. Most dry cleaning shops have special chemicals meant for use on leather garments, and these are likely able to restore your jacket to pristine condition. It comes with a cost, though.

If the staining is minor, or if your jacket has just been left neglected in your closet for extended periods of time, then you can clean it yourself without much fuss and cost.

You will need saddle soap, soft towels, warm water and sponge.

  • Moisten your jacket. Take a small clean washcloth or towel, and dampen it with warm water. Rub the towel all over your jacket. This will help remove excess dust. Wipe off excess moisture from your jacket.
  • Lather up the saddle soap. Moisten the tip of a clean sponge with warm water. Rub it onto some saddle soap. Create some lather.
  • Soap your jacket. Rub the sponge all over your jacket, making sure to apply the saddle soap throughout the leather surface. Use gentle strokes, as any dust accumulated in one area might cause scratches when rubbed.
  • Remove soap residue. Dampen a clean washcloth or towel and wipe off all the saddle soap reside from your jacket. Be sure to wipe off the residue thoroughly, as any remaining saddle soap will only make the surface of your jacket more attractive to dust and dirt.
  • Dry the jacket. After removing the soap residue, you will need tom make sure all moisture is removed, as this will ruin the jacket. Wipe your jacket thoroughly with a dry towel. Hang it up to air dry. It’s best to leave it outside the closet to get some air.

When washing any delicate fabrics or garments, be sure to test the detergent or other products on  a small, inconspicuous area first, before applying it to the entirety of the garment. You never know if your soap or any solution will react adversely to the white leather garment.

When storing your white leather jacket, try not to keep it in direct sunlight, as this might cause the leather to crack. Also, try not to keep your jacket in the closet for extended periods, as this can cause the leather to deteriorate over time. Leather jackets are great to look at and they also feel great, especially in the cool weather. Make sure to clean your jacket regularly, for that best look and feel.


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