How To Clean a White Sink

Your kitchen’s white sink is definitely one of your best home assets. With its porcelain-like beauty, it definitely makes the whole appeal of your kitchen. However, when it comes out to be stained or dirty, the story turns out to be the other way around. More like a shame, it becomes a liability of your kitchen.

What is good news for you is that it is not impossible to bring back the old beauty of your white kitchen sink. With a simple cleaning task, it will turn out to become your home’s asset once again. To help you with this task, here are some effective tips in cleaning your white kitchen sink:

  • Be cautious about the sink's care manual. If you want your white sink to look as white and elegant as brand new, always follow care instructions provided in the sink manual. Upon purchase, the sink is equipped with a manual where you will find recommended and effective cleaning tips for it. Care to read and follow what is stated in the manual.
  • Use only soft cleaning materials. Using hard materials such as cleaning cloths, stain scrubbers, and solutions can be harsh for your sink. As a golden rule for white sink cleaning, soft materials are the recommended ones to use. For instance, when cleaning an enamel and crushed granite sink, it is best to use soft dishwashing liquid together with a soft brush, cloth, or sponge.
  • Clean the sink daily. Cleaning the white sink daily will help you avoid being in situations where you will find it tough to clean it.
  • Focus on stains. If there is a buildup of stains in the sink’s surface, leave a cleanser with a small amount of bleach and water onto the area. Let the solution sit there for several minutes. Then, use a soft sponge to wipe the stains away. For Corian sink, removing the stains with cloth in a circular motion will do best. In an enamel sink, soak any soft household cleaner on the sink's stain. On the other hand, a dishwashing liquid together with a soft sponge or brush is a lot helpful in a granite white sink.
  • Remove scratches. Any of the above-mentioned tips will work well in working on scratches on the white sink. However, it is still best if you change your kitchen habits to ensure that no more scratches will be present again in the future.
  • Use warm water when rinsing the sink. Regular faucet water will not help you get a well-cleaned white sink. So instead of using it, use warm water to rinse the sink off in every cleaning task. This will not only maintain the sparkling whiteness of the sink but this will also help disinfect it from bacteria and germs.

Dirt and stains have no place in your white sink. Hence, the moment you spot one, do your best to get rid of it. This will very well help you make the cleaning task a lot easier. After a couple of minutes of cleaning time, your white sink will be as spotless as it is new.


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