How To Clean an Oil Furnace

Your furnace is oil-fueled. Since oil tends to bring a lot mess, you need to anticipate that your furnace can eventually get really dirty. The need to clean it thoroughly becomes a necessity, particularly when the heating season is fast approaching. Cleaning your furnace can save you a lot of troubles. For one, a dirt free furnace runs efficiently. Also, keeping it unsoiled can dramatically extend its life. Aside from cleaning your furnace, you are basically obliged to replace its filter monthly when it is already the heating season. Here are the steps on how you can clean your oil furnace:

  • Check the power control of your oil furnace. You should turn it off before working or doing anything. Then, look for a metal panel. It is located in front of your oil furnace. Remove it.
  • The metal panel hides the filter. So, once you have taken it out, glide the filter out. Proceed to inspect it. If the filter is clogged, replace it promptly. If your oil furnace uses or relies on a permanent filter, check out the specific directions from the manufacturer. Follow those directions to properly clean the permanent filter.
  • Prepare to take out the fan unit. You need to loosen some nuts and screws before you can slide it out easily. Then, grab your brush and your vacuum cleaner. Target the inside portion of your oil furnace. Reach out all the corners, as much as you can. Your goal is not to miss any spot. You have to make everything spick and span.
  • Focus on the blower motor. Inspect if it has oil or grease fittings. If your oil furnace has the fittings, you need to lubricate them. But you should apply the lubrication a few months before the heating season arrives. You need a cup of grease. You can also use a 10-weight motor oil. See to it that you get the non-detergent and not the all-purpose variant. Both the grease and the motor oil are readily available at your community hardware stores.
  • If the blower motor is dusty, brush the dirt off. After that, you can work on the fan blades. Wipe them off.
  • Inspect if your oil furnace has some oil ports. If you see them, get some oil. Add a few drops of it to the oil ports.
  • Grab the blower unit and push it into your oil furnace. You need to tighten it back in place. Once you have replaced the filter, you can reattach the door panel. Then, go to the power control. Turn it on.

Your oil furnace should be working perfectly after cleaning it up. Aside from the steps enumerated above, make sure that when you are already using your oil furnace, observe the smoke that comes out from your chimney. If you see a black smoke, there is something wrong. The oil isn’t being burned completely. It is wasted. You need to call the assistance of a professional service man to handle the adjustments.


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