How To Clean an Oil Spill in the Driveway

A clean driveway is always impressive. It reflects how you keep things in order. But sometimes, accidents happen. What are going to do when your car has an oil leak?  How do you clean the mess up?  How do you make your driveway looking pristine again?  Don’t lose your cool. There are a number of practical ways that you can consider. Here are some options on how you can clean an oil spill in your driveway:

  • Kitty litter. Yes, kitty litter, or sand, can save your day. It works best if the spill is fresh. Quickly pour the kitty litter, or the sand, over the mess. Allow it to stay there for about a day or two. That should give it ample time to absorb as much oil spill as possible.
  • Clean and bag up everything when you feel that the oil spill has already been absorbed thoroughly. Plan on how you can dispose the muddle. Be careful. There are hazardous chemicals. You can repeat the process when needed.
  • You can also try a variation. Once you have let the kitty litter, or the sand, to get dry, get your broom. Sweep the mix and move the broom as if it’s a scrubber. Sustain the back and forth movement. When you have taken out everything, get your liquid dish detergent. Wet the area or the spot and then, pour some detergent. Scrub. After a while, hose it. That should take care of the stain.
  • Coke. Your favorite drink can also be your cleaning agent. Get a can of Coke. Make sure it is non-diet. Pour it directly on the stained area. Give it between two and three hours to stay. Then, you can rinse the area. Use your hose. Afterwards, grab your powdered Tide. Sprinkle it over the stained area. Leave it there for a night. Clean and rinse everything on the next day. That should make the stain a history.
  • Simple Green. Another reliable cleaning agent is Simple Green. Simply follow the same procedures when you are using the liquid dish detergent. The stain should be easily removed.
  • OxyClean. Over cleaners are tough on grease and oil. So, you can depend on them, too. One of the more trusted is OxyClean.
  • MicroBlaze. It is true. It is the one firefighters’ use. MicroBlaze has some biological ingredients that can break down oil. The oil become an environmentally-friendly mud. You can readily clean it up with a water hose. You can buy it or you can ask the firefighter in your neighborhood for a cup.
  • Commercial degreaser. You can get them from your local auto shops or order them on-line. But prefer the brands that are environmentally-friendly. Why?  They are bio-degradable. They don’t contain chemicals or any petroleum distillates. So, there are no residues when you use them.

Warning: Forget about using brake cleaner, gasoline, or kerosene. They may work somehow but they are a bit dangerous to handle. Better stick to the safer cleaning agents.


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