How To Clean an Outdoor Fish Pond

An outdoor or backyard pond is an asset to your space. With a pond, you can nurture different species of fish, attract a variety of birds, increase the selling points of your house, and provide a delightful element that will attract your friends and neighbors. Having a pond also means spending money and time to ensure the pond and its occupants are in good, healthy, and clean condition. If you are yet considering the possibility of having an outdoor pond you may get unenthusiastic about it when you get to know what it takes to clean the pond.

  1. Prepare the tools and materials needed for the job. You will need a net to catch the fish, a bucket or holding tank for the fish, hose with spray nozzle, wet-vac or shop-vac, submersible pump with hose, de-chlorinator, gardening scissors or snips, and your rubber gloves and boots.
  2. Prepare a container that is big enough to hold all the fish in your pond. The water in the holding tank must come from the pond to ensure the temperature is the same when you transfer the fish into it. Place the holding tank in a shady and cool area.
  3. Clean all filters by pulling them out and washing them thoroughly with the hose. Any filter that is shredded or worn out must be replaced.
  4. Drain as much water out of the pond so you can get the fish out in no time. Use a net with a bucket of water coming from the pond in transferring all the fish to the holding tank.
  5. Drain the pond completely. You can use a bucket to dip the water out or use a hose to suck the water out of the pond. If you have a biological pond bead filter like ProBead, you can simply turn it to ‘drain’ position to do the job. 
  6. Take off the plants from the bottom of the pond. Plants that easily wither minus the water should be transferred to the holding tank as well.
  7. Clean the rocks, the sides of the pond, and the waterfall using the strong hose stream. Do not use detergents or other chemicals that are detrimental to the good bacteria which are essential to the fishes.
  8. Vacuum the bottom of the pond using wet vac or shop vac to suck out all the muck and dirt that settled to the bottom of the pond.
  9. Clean the plants using spray from a hose and remove dead leaves using gardening scissors. Place the cleaned plants in the pond where you want them to be.
  10. Fill a portion of the holding tank with new water as you start refilling the pond. That way you will get the same water temperature when you transfer the fish into the newly cleaned pond.
  11. Put a de-chlorinator in the pond to remove chlorine and protect the fish from adverse effects of ammonia and nitrates.
  12. Put the fish back into the pond when it is already half full. Continue filling water until the pond is full.

Cleaning an outdoor pond is not so difficult after all, but it definitely takes time, and will get you wet and dirty. It is worth all your efforts though once you look at the beautiful creatures swimming in your newly cleaned pond.


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