How To Clean an Unfinished Hardwood Floor

When building or remodeling a house, one of the crucial decisions you will make as a homeowner is the type of flooring to install. The floor occupies most of the space in your home and is immensely visible. Hence, it is one of the most important elements in your house that requires a lot of consideration. Needless to say you will need to look for the type of flooring that is sturdy, long lasting, versatile, and easy to clean. For many homeowners across the world, all those qualities can be found in an unfinished hardwood floor. That is why over the years, this type of flooring has not lost its popularity and remains to this day an excellent and favored choice. To get the most out of your unfinished hardwood floor, it is important to know the proper methods of cleaning and maintaining it. Consider the following points.

  1. Sweep and mop the floor. In most cases, a broom and a good dust mop are all you need to clean the unfinished floor thoroughly without damaging it. Sweeping and mopping the floor on a regular basis will reduce build up of dirt and grime. If you have to use other cleaning equipment, be sure the product is non-abrasive and works well for your type of flooring.
  2. Use a vacuum cleaner. Probably the easiest way to clean unfinished hardwood floor is by using a vacuum cleaner at least once or twice a week. While you can use this equipment to make cleaning a simpler task, make sure to turn off the beater that spins around in the head of the vacuum to protect your floor.
  3. Check for splinters. Run a cloth along the length of the floor to find any snags that needs to be removed. Sand the area lightly. Checking for splinters regularly will not only protect your floor but also your bare feet.
  4. Remove wet spills immediately. Use soft towels to dry the floor thoroughly.
  5. Area rugs or walk off mats in high traffic areas are recommended. The mats must remain dry and cleaned underneath.

Equally important to cleaning hardwood floor is protecting it for years to come. Several ways you can protect your floor from damage include placing protector pads on your furniture legs especially if you have to move the furniture once in a while when you clean the house, using curtains or blinds to shield the floor from direct sunlight or UV rays, avoiding wearing spike shoes or high heels that may dent or scratch the floor, trimming your pets’ nails on a regular basis, and the like. While it is easy to clean unfinished hardwood floor, it requires routine maintenance that include more than just sweeping and vacuuming. It is best to refer to the manufacturer or wood flooring professional for any cleaning method or recommendation for your particular hardwood floor. If you use any cleaner or equipment that may damage the surface, you may possibly void any warranty or guarantee on the floor product.   


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