How To Clean and Care for a Mattress

People spend one-third of their lives sleeping so shouldn't you spend some time caring for that mattress? For the best night sleep a clean and well cared for mattress makes a difference. Follow these steps to clean and care for your mattress.

  1. Cover the mattress. You can prevent a lot of wear and tear to your mattress by placing a mattress pad on the mattress. This pad protects the surface from most stains as well as from the dust and body oils that can seep through your sheets.
  2. Wash sheets weekly or biweekly. Keep your sheets and mattress pad clean by washing them often. Once a week or every other week should be enough for regular cleaning but stains should be treated immediately. The mattress pad should be washed often as well.
  3. Vacuum the mattress surface. While your sheets are being washed, vacuum the surface of the mattress to remove dust and dead skin cells.
  4. Shampoo stains. Any stains you find should be treated with an upholstery spot cleaner then shampooed with the upholstery cleaner. Stains will need to dry before the sheets are returned and the bed is remade. If you find sweat stains are a problem for your mattress, sprinkle them with baking soda to absorb the odor before treating the stain and shampooing the mattress.
  5. Flip and rotate the mattress. Regular maintenance for a mattress also includes flipping and rotating the mattress. The weight and shape of your mattress will settle and compact the mattress over time. Every six months you should flip and rotate the mattress. Don't just flip the top surface to the bottom. Also rotate the mattress so that the head and foot are swapped.
  6. Air it out often. When rotating the mattress it is also a great idea to let the mattress air out. Leave the mattress exposed to the air for a full day and spritz the surface with a mix of lemon juice and water as a great, light air freshener. If lemon isn't your scent of choice, consider a spray linen freshener.

You spend a lot of time in bed so make it a place you really want to be. Your bed may be the gathering place for the family or your social activities. Avoid the soil and stains that can come from sweating while you sleep, unprotected sexual activities and/or the side effects of sick kids. Take care and clean your mattress so that it is fresh and clean every time you lay down to sleep.


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