How To Clean and Clear Furnace Exhaust Vents

Furnaces are vital during the cold winter seasons. It protects the people inside houses with the warmth it provides. However, like all hard working equipment, furnaces need to be kept in top condition to function well. To do so you must learn how to clean the bloodline of furnaces, the exhaust vents.

Exhaust vents, may it be for gas or oil furnaces, are responsible for pushing out harmful combustion by-products outside. The exit of fumes and gaseous materials takes place through a plastic pipe that can be found on chimneys. This holds true no matter what type of furnace. Here are some tips to help you keep your furnace exhaust vents clean and clear.

  • Locate the vital parts. You will find it hard to clean what you cannot see. Exhaust vents can be found outside of houses. Before you begin, locate the exhaust vent. Scout the area and figure out how you will position yourself to be safe and effective.
  • Eyes on the ice. After locating the exhaust vents, search thoroughly for ice and snow. It is imperative that you do this after extreme winter conditions. Ice and snow will block the exhaust vents. As in some cases, it takes time for ice and snow to melt. Finding such debris and removing them immediately helps in keeping the furnace working properly.
  • All clear. Exhaust vents are like lungs they keep everything flowing. And just like a person’s lungs, exhaust vents should be clear. Always keep them debris free. Be on the lookout for nests, leaves and twigs. You can clear this with the help of hand held vacuum machines or manually. Clear exhaust vents means clear passageways.
  • Trim to the brim. Leaves, twigs and branches will certainly block exhaust vents. To avoid this, always maintain an ideal length for trees, shrubs and branches around the exit pipes. Keep trimming away so wind will not accidentally drop in unwanted elements. There is no need to cut down trees, just maintain the right amount of green and shrubs just like how you keep your hair.
  • Right fill for filters. Exhaust vent filters accumulate debris through time. Every three months, replace the filters or even clear it to avoid blockage. Doing this regularly will keep the air flowing freely. It will also stop pile up of debris. Silly as it may sound you will be surprised what builds up in filters. It ranges from leaves to your pet’s hair.
  • Handle filters with care. It is easy to climb up chimney tops and get to the cleaning work right away. But it is best that you take a read at your furnace owner’s manual. It will give you a clear instruction on how to care for your equipment. Some improper action on your furnace might render your warranty null and void. So read before you do. This is the reason why you should not throw away manuals.
  • Plot removal of clot. It helps a great deal to have a calendar or a chart that maps out when you will clean and clear your furnace. It saves a large amount of effort and more importantly it will remind you to keep the equipment clean.

Furnace may look tough. But even the toughest of equipment also needs care.


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