How To Clean and Disinfect Wooden Kitchen Utensils

A typical kitchen would have a sink, refrigerator, cabinet, stove, and utensils. Some of these utensils may be wooden. These utensils need special cleaning attention. Unlike metal, glass, ceramic, and plastic utensils, wood utensils easily acquire stain and odor. This will show you how to clean and disinfect wooden kitchen utensils.

The kitchen is a very vital part of a home. Family members find comfort in the kitchen. Everyone has reasons on always coming and going back to the kitchen. If we are what we eat, then the kitchen is a part of what we are. The kitchen is also a vital part of our well being. What we eat is as clean as our kitchen. It must therefore, be clean.

Wooden utensils are a staple part in kitchens. Sometimes, a wooden utensil is required for a certain kitchen task. Follow these steps to clean and disinfect them:

  1. Prepare wooden utensils. Gather all wooden utensils you want to clean and disinfect. Place them in a stainless steel bowl.
  2. Inspect them. This step is one of the most important. The wooden utensils must first be examined for possible toxic contamination. These utensils are porous and can easily absorb unwanted materials. Smell each utensil if they are rancid or not. Take special care with the pieces that have not been used and cleaned for quite a long time. Bacteria and toxins might have already grown in them.
  3. Discard wooden utensils. Any utensils suspected of being contaminated with toxins and bacteria should be throw away. The cost of medication is pricier than the cost of a new wooden utensil. It must be remembered that these utensils can easily absorb toxins. They easily harbor bacteria. 
  4. Prepare cleaning agents. Sponge, bleach, dish soap, fine sandpaper, and warm water are needed. The sponge is for scrubbing. The bleach is for soaking. The sandpaper for smoothing. Prepare a soaking solution of bleach and water, allowing only enough bleach for the cleaning. Too much bleach could make the wooden utensils taste like bleach or soapy. Too little might not disinfect the utensils.
  5. Clean them. For utensils that have been recently used, simply wash them using sponge, and dish detergent. Thoroughly scrub them with a sponge. For utensils which are really dirty and those which have been used and left unclean for a long time, soak them for at least one hour. Although it is discouraged to soak wooden utensils for a long period, this has to be done to disinfect the utensils.
  6. Rinse and dry the utensils. Thoroughly rinse the utensils. Remove all soap and bleach residue.
  7. Use sandpaper and oil. If needed, use a fine sandpaper to smooth out the wooden utensils. This is needed for those that have been soaked and become porous. Once dry, apply olive oil into the wood. This will increase the lifespan of the utensils by preventing splintering and drying.

These are the easy steps on how to clean and disinfect wooden kitchen utensils. Always clean this way. Do not use the dishwasher.


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