How To Clean and Neutralize Pet Urine Odors from Carpet

Having a dog as your pet is undoubtedly wonderful. Spending fun time with him is priceless. You even take photos to capture your happy moments together. However, sometimes, he gets to frustrate you, particularly when house training him isn’t that successful yet. While you are patiently preparing him to follow your simple house rules, little accidents happen. Since losing cool isn’t going to help, you just vow to be patient and more understanding of his limitations. In the first place, he is – a dog. Here are the steps on how you clean and neutralize pet urine odors from your carpet:

  • Prepare a solution of white vinegar and water. Always keep them around. Make them handy for emergency purposes. Combine equal parts to achieve better results. Make sure to mix them well. You can store the solution in a dish detergent bottle (recycled).
  • Observe some cleaning procedures. When your beloved dog pees somewhere in your house, promptly get a paper tower as soon as you see it. Blot up the mess. Get your reliable white vinegar and water solution. Pour some of it directly to the soiled area. You need to soak it liberally.
  • Then, get your baking soda. Sprinkle it over the soaked area. Put a generous amount to guarantee better results. Allow everything to dry for a few hours. Once your baking soda gets dry, it turns yellow. It simply indicates that it has completely absorbed your dog’s urine. You can then proceed by vacuuming thoroughly.
  • Grab your cayenne pepper. You should have one available from your kitchen. Sprinkle some of it over the soiled area. The process is going to prevent your favorite dog from urinating on that area again. Don’t sprinkle a lot. A small pinch is enough. The smell is going to work wonderfully in driving your dog away from the said area.
  • Know your pet better. See if your dog is developing some unusual habits or acting in some peculiar ways. Does it sniff the ground?  Does it circle a particular area again and again?  Perhaps, your dog is giving out signs that he want to urinate. It pays for you to be watchful of his behaviors. If you get to notice him ahead, direct him straight to his pet training pad. His training pad is where you intend to lead him to urinate. You can readily get one from your nearby pet store.
  • Train your dog well. Every time you get the chance to make your dog go to his pet training pad, don’t hesitate to reward him lavishly. Give him something, like food or toy. Or, hug him tenderly or give him a lot of kisses. That’s positive reinforcement. Your dog gets to be conditioned to follow your “bathroom rules”. So, next time, when he feels the need to pee, he simply repeats what he has done before. He goes to his pet training pad and you give him something pleasurable.

Some dogs don’t get to be trained quickly. Patience may be needed.


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