How To Clean and Repair a Woodstove Oven

A stove is an enclosed structure, which is commonly used inside the house. It basically needs coal, gas, or even electricity to provide heat energy depending on what type of stove that you are using.

If your wood stove oven is broken or worn out because of moisture, rust and dirt, here are some steps that could help you repair or restore it:

  • Disconnect any hoses (if there are any) that connect the wood stove to the gas supply or the source of fuel.

  • Place the wood stove in a place where the presence of moisture is minimal and if possible, put the stove where sunlight is present to help eliminate molds and easily dry any moist surfaces.

  • Get a piece of clean cloth and soak it in water to make it damp. Then carefully wipe the damp cloth on the surface of the wooden stove oven. Focus more on the edges because the edges or the corners of the stove are the parts where dirt and stains normally pile up. You could use also use a regular brush in cleaning the edges that are hard to reach.

  • Leave the wooden stove oven alone for 30 minutes until the wooden surface is dry.

  • Get another piece of cloth and soak it in kerosene. Gently wipe the surface with the cloth soaked in kerosene. Repeat the procedure twice to make sure that the wood stove is clean and let it dry for another 30 minutes.

  • Now if your wood stove has metal grills on it, carefully remove the grill part and use the cloth with kerosene to clean the metal grill together with the metal plates. Let it dry for about 15 minutes.

  • Open the stove hatch and take out internal parts (if there are any) and wipe them using a cloth soaked in water first, then let the parts dry by leaving the wooden stove hatch open. Wipe the parts with a clean dry cloth and let dry under the sunlight.

  • Since you have taken out almost all the internal parts of your wood stove oven, you may now disconnect the oven valves and check those for any sign of leaks. Clean the oven valves using a toothbrush or a small bristled brush to remove dirt which clogs the valve passages.

  • After cleaning the oven valves, check the whole wood stove oven for any cracks or dents. If you are able to find any cracks on the stove surface, put a cement mixture, wood ashes and salt in a small container and mix well. Add a small amount of water so that the mixture does not harden fast to give you time in applying the mixture on the cracks. It would be good if you use a spatula or a hard flat plastic slide for even application. Double check the coating of your cement mixture and make sure that the cracks are not visible.

  • If the mixture is dry enough, paint the stove with the color of your choice and make sure that you do not miss a spot. Or if you want to retain the natural color of the wood stove, you could use a natural colored varnish and apply it using a bristle brush for natural coating.

  • Leave the paint or varnish to dry and put back all the parts that you have taken out during the early steps of the restoring procedure.


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