How To Clean Baseboards

Baseboards are architectural elements in a room. They are thin planks or strips of wood that cover the space where the walls and floors meet. They define the wall space from the floor area. They are often overlooked when cleaning since baseboards aren’t at our eye level. Also, because they are so low on the ground, they are rather tricky to clean.

Baseboards do need to be cleaned because they take on a lot of wear and tear. They may get scuffmarks, floor polish stains and other grime.

If you have baseboards in your home, take the time to clean them. Your baseboards will be more noticeably dirty if you don’t clean them, especially when set against everything else in your house that is clean.

Here are a few easy steps on how to clean baseboards.

  1. Sweep the baseboards with a stiff broom. You may also vacuum the area of the baseboards to take away all visible dirt such as dust and cobwebs. You may do that when you vacuum the floor. This will take out an initial layer of dust on the baseboards.
  2. If your baseboards aren’t that marked, you may just wipe them down with a damp cloth. Make sure not to saturate the cloth so the water doesn’t drip all over your floor. A little water and elbow grease should take out most of the marks and stains. Use long left to right strokes to cover as much area as possible.
  3. Clean your baseboards with a soft cloth and a bucket of vinegar solution. You may also use a sponge mop so you don’t need to bend down to reach your baseboards. A sponge mop with a swivel head is best so you can reach the corners easily. Dip the sponge mop in a bucket of warm or hot water with a cup of white vinegar. Wipe down the baseboards with the vinegar solution.
  4. Do not soak the baseboards with your vinegar solution. You don’t want it to drip on your carpet or floor.
  5. Let the baseboards dry. Don’t worry. The sour vinegar smell will dissolve in the air quickly.
  6. Here’s a quick trick for easy maintenance of baseboards. Use a fabric softener dryer sheet and wipe down the baseboards with it. This will prevent dust from adhering to the surface of the baseboards in the future.
  7. Consider repainting your baseboards with an oil-based high gloss paint. They will be easier to clean. Flat paint may cause dust to settle more easily on the wood.

There you have it! You may use a mop cloth once a month to clean your baseboards, just to maintain their shine. If you notice any scuff marks on it, try to wipe it off immediately. The longer stains settle, the harder it will be to clean later on. Include vacuuming or sweeping the baseboards when you do your floors to save time and effort.

Keeping all parts of your home clean is simple with a few easy steps!


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