How To Clean Burner Grates on a Gas Stove

Cleaning gas burners

Always clean the burner grates of your gas stove. Right after cooking or eating, spend time to clean the grates. These are the direct contact between your stove and your cookware. They are always subjected to a lot of heat and stress. Cleaning them will increase their lifespan. Grates are the first indicators of how well your stove efficiently works. If they are all rusty and flaky with food residue that is an indicator that the whole gas stove needs cleaning as well. For tips on how to clean burner grates on a gas stove, follow the suggestions below: 

  1. Remove the burner grates. Before doing so, make sure that the burner grates are cool. Gently knock off food and sauce flakes from the grates. Gently rub a scraping wire on each grate. Do not over scratch, it may scrape off some protective coating or simply scrape too much metal.
  2. Prepare the materials. Get all of your materials ready. Keep these cleaning tools close to the burners so that you can easily clean the burners after using them. You are going to use sponge scrubs, a soap dish, baking soda, paper towels, and cleaning solutions.
  3. Soak the grates. Soak the grates with warm soapy water until all the dirt is soft. You need to check on them if they are ready to be cleaned up. Let the grates soak in the soapy water for hours or overnight if needed. If there is excessive filth, prepare water and baking soda paste. Use this on the buildup. Apply the paste on the grates.
  4. Clean. When the grates are all ready to be cleaned up, use a scraping wire to remove grime buildup. Scrub the water and baking soda mixture. If these are not enough to clean the burner grates, use commercial cleaning solutions from a supply store. You may use grill cleaner spray or any other kitchen cleaner. Scrub according to the position of the parts of the burner grates. Scrub all parts, especially the base. If the base is not clean, the burner grate might become shaky and unstable for your cookware. A casserole, for instance, might slide spilling the food being cooked.
  5. Rinse and dry. Rinse off with running water. Use a strainer on your drain. The dirt from the cleaning might clog the drainage. Continue scrubbing while using the running water. It would help if you use a high-pressured water spray. This will help in the cleaning process. Then dry with paper towels.
  6. Reassemble. Carefully place the burner grates back. Fit them well to the stove and make sure they are stable.

Cleaning the burner grates is only a part of the whole process of cleaning your gas stove. The gas stove top must also be clean as often as the burner grates. These two are the most exposed of the stove parts. Always ensure never to over scrub them. They do tend to weaken if the outer parts are scraped off. As another precaution, make sure that the burner grates are no longer slippery when you start using them for cooking.


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