How To Clean Concrete Garage Floors

The concrete floor of a garage is one of the places in your house that can accumulate a lot of dirt. It is also one of the most forgotten areas to be cleaned. Dirt, oil and fuel spills, tire marks, garden and yard debris, paint drips, and mud are some of the materials that can stain and litter a concrete garage floor. As on of the most serviceable places in your house, your concrete garage floor can benefit greatly from at least a good cleaning twice a year. It will make your garage neat, hygienic and organized. Below are some tips on how to clean a concrete garage floor.

  • Remove your car from the garage and park it somewhere else. Give your garage a good cleaning when it is sunny and dry. Remove also all the items that are stacked on the garage floor. You may as well remove the items that are on the shelves to give them a thorough cleaning, too.
  • Sweep as much of the surface dirt as possible. Have a big trash bag as well as trash can nearby to separate the garbage. If you are planning to use chemicals to remove stubborn grime, make sure that your follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to dispose of them properly. You should also be aware of your locality’s ordinance regarding the disposal of water used to wash off chemical-based household cleaners down the storm drains.
  • Use a garden hose with different nozzle settings and place it on the strongest jet setting. You can also rent a power washer if the concrete garage floor has plenty of oil and other stains. Power spray the rest of the grime, including those hard to clean corners which have a tendency to collect more dirt.
  • With the dirt and debris swept away you can now see better where the heavy stains from oil spill, tire marks and grease build up are. Sprinkle powdered cleaner all over the concrete garage floor while it is still wet and use a push broom with stiff bristles to work the cleaner into the stains. Pour some bleach into a spray bottle and use this for some spot cleaning. Hot water will help remove oil and grease stains. Rinse the concrete garage floor afterwards.
  • If your concrete garage floor has too much oil and grease stain build up, you can remove most of the oil and grease by covering the area with a thick layer fresh kitty litter and leave it there for two to three days. Sweep it off and dispose of this properly. Remove the remaining oil and grease stain with dry concrete mix. Allow this to remain over the stain for another three days before sweeping it off and placing it in a trash bag. Do not throw the concrete mix down the drain as this will get wet and clog the drain.
  • You can remove tire marks with a household degreaser. Apply the degreaser full-strength over the tire marks and leave it on for several hours. Use a stiff brush to scrub the tire marks off before rinsing with running water.

Make it a point to keep your garage fairly clean. Give it a good sweep at least twice a month to minimize the accumulation of dirt and stain. Your garage will not only be clean and organized, it will make your semi-annual thorough cleaning of your concrete garage floor faster and easier. 


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