How To Clean Decorative Tile

Decorative tiles certainly contribute in making one’s home beautiful; giving it that much needed burst of creativity and color without going overboard. Decorative tiles can be found beautifying kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools, ceilings and even windows. They can serve as accents to walls, countertops, mirrors, or tables. Tiles are can be made of porcelain, ceramics, terra cotta and different metals. It’s such a shame to see your tiles get ruined with dirt and grime, that’s why it is important to clean them regularly. Here are some easy ways to clean your decorative tiles, so you can maintain your home’s beauty.

  • Inspect the tile. You will first have to determine how your tiles were installed. You have to know how the tiles were attached to the surface so you will know if it can withstand water and moisture.
  • Begin by dusting. Remove all dust from your tiles by getting a feather duster, or a soft, dry cloth. Dust tabletops, counters, and window panes gently. For larger areas, like floors or ceilings, use a vacuum or mop. Make sure to remove all loose dirt and dust.
  • Wipe with rags. After you’ve dusted the tile, take a rag, dampen it with water and wipe off the dirt from the tiles. Rinse your rag frequently to prevent transferring dirt to another area. You may have a bucket of water with you, filled with a bit of mild detergent, and rinse your rag here.
  • Scrub with a brush. For stains found in hard-to-reach areas, or for more stubborn stains, use an old toothbrush and scrub gently. Wipe the dirt away with your dampened rag to clean the tile.
  • Tough stains deserve a real cleaner. For the more stubborn stains and discolorations, use a Tile Cleaner. Spray on lightly, and set for a while. This should dislodge any more stubborn stains. After 5 minutes, wipe the tile clean.
  • Dry the tile thoroughly. This step is important, as it will prevent leaving any spots from the water or the tile cleaner, making your tiles beautiful and spotless.
  • Hard water stains require more effort. If, after doing the above steps, stains still remain, let it sit and dry completely first.
  • Take out the petroleum jelly. Wear gloves before doing this step to avoid getting messy. Apply petroleum jelly to the tiles carefully. If you are working on pool tiles or the floor, be extra careful, as petroleum jelly is awfully slippery. No need getting into an accident while getting your tiles cleaned.
  • Leave on for 15 minutes. Leaving it on will make stains and other dirt and grime softer. After the specified time, rinse the petroleum jelly clean with rags and water. Clean the area completely to prevent leaving behind a slippery surface.

Cleaning your tiles should be easy if you maintain a regular cleaning schedule. This will surely prevent long-wearing stains and tough dirt. If you do your cleaning regularly, it won’t take that much effort anymore, since the dirt will easily come off. Just be sure to avoid using metal abrasives on your decorative tiles so you won’t scratch them.


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