How To Clean Dog Urine off Concrete Floor

While dogs can be the cutest things on the planet, their pee is certainly not. Even if they pee outside, the smell will still permeate the air, and it’s very hard to get rid of. Dog urine is especially odorous on bare and unsealed concrete. Even household products do little to eliminate the smell. It may mask the scent for a while, but an underlying scent of dog urine remains. Fortunately, there are ways to completely remove these unlikely scents.

  • Scrounge up some old towels. Take inventory of your old towels from your closet, and check for those with holes, or are discolored already. Use these towels to absorb wet urine from the concrete. Place them on your concrete floor. You can dampen towels and scrub the urine from the floor too. Remove as much urine as you can from the concrete.
  • Use an enzymatic cleanser. These are pet stain and odor removers, and are highly effective in eliminating odors. The enzymes function to break down molecules so the odor is more easily eliminated. These removers and cleansers can be found in regular pet stores, so it should not be too difficult to find.
  • Scrub it into the floor. Make sure that the enzymatic cleanser is fully integrated into the concrete. Since concrete is a porous surface, you really have to scrub it to deeply ingrain the chemicals into the floor.
  • Leave on for a while. Let the cleanser work its magic, and leave on the concrete for half an hour. Check the bottle’s label for instructions to be sure of the time needed to let the product soak. Some are effective enough even without leaving it on for 30 minutes.
  • Get a bucket of water. Get a mop with sponge, and soak in in the water. Use this to rinse off the cleanser from the concrete. Keep on rinsing the mop in the water to ensure that you are not merely spreading around the cleanser and whatever urine is left on the concrete floor.
  • Ventilate. If you are indoors, open the windows, and turn on the fans. It is important that you allow the air to circulate, so the odor can disperse. If, after the concrete has dried up and you still detect a hint of the urine smell, apply the enzymatic cleanser again. Rinse off completely with the mop and water.

Eliminating dog urine smell is really one of the most annoying parts of having a pet, but if done the right way, it won’t be much of an effort anymore. It might also help if you clean up urine while it is still wet. This gives the urine less time to seep into the concrete. As soon as you see a puddle of urine, wipe it down with your old towels. Also be sure to wash those towels properly. Use detergent and water to wash them and get rid of the urine it has absorbed. You can also use old newspapers to soak up the urine. Not only can you clean your dog’s urine, you also recycle your newspapers.


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