How To Clean Fallen Hair on the Bathroom Floor

The human body sheds around 100 strands of hair in a day. If you think you are starting to go bald because of excessive shedding, it may actually just be your normal bodily function.

Hair strands are often found all over the house. You may even wake up to find several left on your pillow. But there is one area where fallen hair strands accumulate which is also the hardest area to clean the strands -- the bathroom.

Hair strands fall while you wash your hair. They can then fall to the bathroom floor. If you continue to ignore the strands, they can clog your drain and even your pipes. Ignoring the issue can cause extra repairs and make the bathroom inaccessible for some time.

Clumps of hair strands can also be the breeding ground of germs. Since the hairs tend to stick together, dirt and bacteria can be caught in the mix.

It is recommended to remove fallen hair strands as often as possible. This prevents the possibility of drainage problems. Here are some simple ways to remove the hair strands from your bathroom floor.

Vacuum  Vacuums are the easiest way to remove the strands. They simply suck the hair strands into the attached bag. Vacuums can be cumbersome to use in the bathroom, and may damage some of the finishing of the room if used improperly.

Broom and dustpan  Simply sweep up the fallen strands. This works best if the floor and the hair strands are dry. Wet hair tends to cling to the tiles.

Dust cloths and mops  Dust cloths and mops can be used to pick up wet hair strands. Using your hands to wipe the floor with the dust cloth actually makes sure that you can pick up all the wet strands. Working on your hands and feet may be physically uncomfortable. To be able to work upright, use mop with a long handle, or use your foot to wipe the cloth against the floor. The cloth will be able to gather wet hair strands.

Manually If you are not particularly squeamish, you can actually use your hands to gather most of the hair strands. Hair strands tend to gather at the drain, since they are taken there by flowing water. Simply pick up the strands and throw it in the trashcan. You may need to follow this up with the first 3 options to remove other stray strands.

Here are some additional pointers for removing fallen hair strands:

Use a filter on the drain. This makes it easier to remove the accumulated hair strands. It also prevents the strands from getting into the pipes and causing clogs. The filter needs to be a tight mesh to prevent hair from passing through. This catches the strands even with flowing water.

Let the floor and hair strands dry. Some of the mentioned methods above work best for wet hair, others for dry hair. It is recommended to let the bathroom dry first before you begin removing strands of hair.

Pick up wet clumps of hair. Some people trim their hair in the bathroom. The wet clumps resulting from the trim are easier to pick up. Once the clumps dry, the strands will scatter. After trimming hair in the bathroom just pick up the clumps and throw them in the trash. If there are any strands left, you can wait for them to dry before cleaning them.


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