How To Clean Gas Burners

When gas burners get dirty they can clog causing your food to cook unevenly. You might even begin to notice a smell of gas and delay in the burner lighting because of the clogged burners. If you want to clean gas burners, follow these steps.

  1. Read the manual for safety instructions. All stoves are different so take the time to read the manual to find out how to disassemble the gas burners and how to clean the burners. Pay special attention to the safety instructions and steps for turning off the pilot light and gas connection if necessary.
  2. Turn off the pilot light. Follow the instructions in your manual to extinguish the pilot light while you are working on the burners. If you have an older stove that doesn't let you turn off the pilot light, then turn off the gas to the stove before you begin.
  3. Remove any grills, covers or coils. Often gas burners will have a grill or coil that you set your pots and pans on for heating. These coils or grills separate the pan from the direct flame and often get dripped on or stained by overflow. Remove these grills and covers and set them in the sink to close them.
  4. Scrub the grills. Use a sponge with an abrasive side and put dish soap and a sprinkle of baking soda on to the sponge. Scrub the grills and coils to remove any stuck on food then rinse clean.
  5. Unclog the burners. The little holes in the burner that let the gas escape in order to create flame can become clogged by food that spills and drips onto the burner. Use a small pin to remove any debris that might be stuck in those holes.
  6. Wipe the stove. With a warm, damp cloth wipe all exposed areas of the burners. Remove any debris you extracted from the burners and make your stove sparkle with clean.
  7. Reassemble the parts. Reattach any parts you removed in earlier steps. Make sure all the surfaces are clean and dry.
  8. Relight the pilot light. Once the stove is clean and dry it is ready to use again. Relight the pilot light and your burners will be ready whenever you need them.

You should consider cleaning gas burners whenever you have a major spill or at least once every three to six months to prevent problems with the gas flow and food spills from sticking to surfaces. With these steps you can clean your gas burners in no time.


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