How To Clean Grout in between Floor Tiles

Grout is a porous sealant that closes tiles and acts as a cohesive medium between the floor tiles and the floor surface. It significantly aids the tile adhesive to maintain its strength by minimizing the dirt and dust particles to come in contact with the adhesive making the tiles break or crack. To avoid cracks or cuts on your floor tiles, prevention and cleaning is the key for a longer tile life. Here are helpful steps on how to clean grout between your floor tiles.

  • Prepare the tools. Prepare accordingly the tools and materials that you will use in cleaning the grout between floor tiles. Wear your rubber gloves and protective eye wear if using chemical-based cleaners.
  • Start the process. Clean the grout between the floor tiles with soap and water. This step will allow the grout to soak and loosen surface debris and dirt.
  • Prep the cleaning solution. Usually, a simple cleaning solution for grout is readily available in your household. Simple solutions such as vinegar or baking soda are good stain busters for your grout. Dilute vinegar in equal parts of water or make a paste out of baking soda and water. Scrub your chosen solution with an old stiff bristled toothbrush or a small bristled cleaning scrub. Rinse well and dry off with a mop or sponge.
  • Use steam cleaners. The cleaning process will be better if you use a steam cleaner, as this will soften or loosen the debris or any dirt or stain on the grout. Wipe it off with damp cloth as soon as the stain or dirt has been removed. Otherwise, follow it with a dose of generic household cleaning product and rinse well.
  • Commercial grout and tile cleaners. If your grout stains are stubborn, you may consider using commercial grout and tile cleaners that are readily available in the market. Bleach solutions are not recommended. This will discolor your grout.
  • Test a small area first. If your grout between tiles is damaged or old, test your cleaning solution on a small inconspicuous area. Observe if the cleaning solution will damage your grout.
  • Never mix cleaning solutions. If you are unsatisfied with your cleaning solution, do not mix cleaners. This creates fumes and solutions that may cause harm to your skin upon contact and when inhaled.
  • Apply grout sealer. When you have finished cleaning your grout between the floor tiles, apply a coat of grout sealer. There are specific grout sealers for floors and for bathroom tiles, make sure you get the correct grout sealer. Reapply the grout sealer once a year.

In cleaning the grout between your floor tiles, finding the right cleaning solution and a bit of hand and elbow power can make your grout between the floor tiles look clean and fresh. The whole process may be tiresome and rigorous but if you keep at it, you will always have a wondrous tiled floor that is clean, spiff, and stain free. And yes, this will include the bright and white grout in between the tiles.


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