Cleaning a Laminate Wood Floor: Laminate Floor Cleaners

Learn the Best Way for Cleaning Laminate Floors Without Ruining Them

Wood floor cleaner

You’ve decided to install laminate flooring in your home or office. While the flooring itself looks great, eventually it will fall on you to figure out how your floor. Cleaning a laminate wood floor requires minimal work.

Many would assume that special laminate floor cleaners, chemicals or equipment are needed to clean laminate wood floors, thinking that any normal tool would damage the flooring itself irreparably. However, this is not true.

Grab a dry mop, a normal dry mop that you can pick up at any hardware store. These dry mops clear away the loose grit from the floor very easily. Make sure you get a dry mop with a disposable cloth head, one which you can easily replace once it wears out from use. 

Chances are that your laminate floor is uneven—no laminate floor is truly even. This unevenness results in little grooves between the boards. Using your dry mop for cleaning laminate flooring, make sure to mop the floor in exactly the same direction as the floor’s seams. Going the opposite way or in a circular motion will only result in you trapping more dirt into these groves, which then becomes very difficult to remove. 

Spilling is inevitable on any floor, so what are you to do when you spill something and stain your flooring? Find yourself a floor cleaner that is designed specifically for laminate flooring. This is critical, because you must find a cleaner the chemicals of which are compatible with your flooring. Choosing the wrong cleaner can result in permanent damage to your flooring, possibly warping as well. 

In the event that you do not have the laminate floor cleaners, Windex is a safe alternative for cleaning this flooring. If you do not have any Windex with you, you can also try cleaning your laminate flooring with a mixture of water and vinegar – the mixture is one-half cup of vinegar to a gallon of water. 

When your floor, resist the urge to try wood polishes on your laminate flooring. While this may result in a very shiny floor, it will also result in an equally slippery floor, something that is quite dangerous. It isn't a good idea to use ammonia to clean the laminate flooring. Using ammonia may result in stripping away the sealant on the flooring, leaving it vulnerable to warping and damage.

To use any of the above cleaners, fill a spray bottle and spray the cleaner over the affected area. Wipe this down with a towel, and repeat the process for other problem areas. Take care not to use too much cleaner on one spot. Too much liquid on your laminate floor will result in the liquid seeping through the flooring itself, damaging the planks and making the floor look older and more worn than it really is.


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