How To Clean Mold Off House Siding

House cleaning has always been taken for granted by a lot of people.  Since many individuals do not treat this job as important or serious, there are plenty of places in and outside your home that are often forgotten, resulting in unwanted fungi sprouting all over the place without you being aware of it.  House siding is usually not considered when doing a general cleaning.  With its location outside the house, matched with high humidity and warm weather, siding is the perfect breeding ground for mold.  It may look harmless to you but it can actually attract a lot of bacteria that can be dangerous to anyone's health.  It also exudes a bad odor that is hazardous as well. 

To determine if you have mold growing on your house siding, study your gutters very carefully and check for some unsightly green and black stains along the edges.  If you see them, then you have a serious case of mildew or mold.  But don't worry. There is a way for you to remove it.  You can easily do it by yourself and you do not need to spend a lot of money.  To learn more about how to clean mold off your house siding, here are some very simple and effective tips that you can easily follow.

  1. The most effective way to remove mold is using chlorine or bleach.  Create a solution by mixing equal parts of lukewarm water and bleach.  Get a clean spray bottle and pour it all in.  Make sure you shake it very well.  Test the nozzle and then put it to your desired spray setting.  For safety measures, it is extremely important that you wear protective goggles.
  2. For an extra precaution, check out the area if there are plants or shrubs near the gutters that you are about to clean.  If you do, it is highly advisable that you cover them up with a plastic sheet before you start spraying the bleach solution.
  3. Get a ladder and carefully step your way up to your house siding.  Start spraying generously to all areas with mold.  Let it sit for ten minutes.
  4. Prepare your water hose.  Put it up into maximum water pressure and adjust the nozzle into a hard spray.  Start hosing the gutters down, you will see the stains easily come off. 

It is very easy to remove mold from your house sidings.  However if there are stains that do not disappear, it is not mold but most likely stubborn dust particles that need a good old scrubbing.  You need to remember though, that you have to be very careful when climbing up a ladder.  It would be safer if you ask a loved one or a friend to help you hold the ladder for you for more stability.  Take it slow.  Rushing can cause you to fall and that is something that you do not want to experience.  All that is left for you to do now is to start following these very simple steps.


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