How To Clean Pergo Floors

Pergo is a Swedish company that specializes in filling homes with their patented laminated flooring services and products. Many homeowners have employed the use of Pergo floors because of their unique styles and desirable features. However, many of these Pergo patrons do not know the best way of cleaning their specialty floors. One person may subscribe to one method while another believes in the exact opposite. Simply put there are many solutions to this problem and it is all just a matter of finding the right one for you. The list below has some of those solutions so try your luck and see which one works best on your floors. Here is how to clean Pergo floors:

  • Clear the room. Before cleaning your Pergo floors, pick up trash that has been left on the floor so as not to interfere with your cleaning. Remove furniture and other objects from areas where you want to clean. Use a vacuum cleaner or broom to get rid of loose dirt and dust from the floor. Make sure to be careful vacuuming the floor because you could scratch it.
  • Using a vinegar solution. Create a solution consisting of water and vinegar. In a mop bucket, pour a gallon of warm water. Initially, you should add a cup of vinegar but if you find it to be lacking, you can always add some more to increase the strength of the solution. Despite the foul smell, you will be able to remove all stains and spots from your Pergo floors. Remember to dry though because if the water is left to sit, it can harm your flooring.
  • Using professional laminated floor cleaners. Of course, experts will tell you that the most effective way to clean laminated floors is to use professional laminated floor cleaners. Well, they might be right. Conveniently, Pergo has its own solution, the Pergo Floor Spray. Spray it on your floors and spread it around with a mop and you should have clean floors all around. Another good cleaner is Swifter Water Jet. Coat the floor with the liquid and let it set. After a few minutes, your floor will be clean! There are drawbacks of course. Pergo Floor Spray is very expensive while Swifter Water Jet leaves a film over your laminated floors.
  • A hot shower. Supposedly, using hot water to clean your Pergo floors is effective but make sure to mop it all up when you are done.
  • Persistent stain removal. For more persistent stains, you can try some of these home remedies. An ammonia and water solution works well for food and beverage stains. Just use a soft cloth dipped in this solution to wipe the floors with. Crayons and ink can be removed using denatured alcohol. You can also use lanolin-free acetone, nail-polish remover. It is best to try these methods in small amounts first before committing to using one single solution. For things such as hardened candle wax, you can remove them with a spatula after they have become completely solid – just don’t scratch the flooring.

Finding the right way to clean your Pergo floors will probably depend on your preference and situation. Either way, at least one of the solutions above should work and your Pergo floors will be good as new.


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