How To Clean Pickled Oak Cabinets

One of the best finishes used on cabinets today is pickling. A cabinet with a pickled oak finish is more durable than cabinets with other finishes. Technically not a finish but a method, it is typically used on porous wood like oak and ash. It retains the color of the pigment and accents the appearance of the wood grain. The other benefits of using a pickled finish are resistance to stains and being very easy to clean. Thus, you do not need much of anything really to clean your pickled oak cabinets and so you can throw away your chemical-based cleaners. Here is how to clean your pickled oak cabinets:

  • Get your materials ready. Before you begin you should assemble the materials. You will need two buckets filled with water, some mild liquid dish-washing detergent a soft sponge and a clean rag. You could also bring a towel to dry yourself afterwards just in case and mats to cover the floor with.
  • Remove the contents of the cabinet. Take out all contents inside the cabinet. Put them somewhere away from the cleaning area, neatly arranged so it will be easy for you to replace them back inside when you are done and the cabinet has completely dried. This is especially important for things that should not get wet like precious family heirlooms, clothes and important documents.
  • Mix the ingredients together. As mentioned earlier, you really do not a chemical-based cleaning solution to clean your pickled oak cabinet. This mixture of water and mild-detergent will do the trick. In one of the buckets, create the cleaning solution. The solution should be a mixture of ten parts warm water to one part liquid dish-washing detergent. Mix this until you get a good soapy consistency or until you have created a foam of bubbles on the surface. Make sure to keep the other bucket of water in reserve for later.
  • Wash your cabinet. Now is the time to wash your pickled oak cabinet. However, fun as it may be, you cannot just pick up the bucket of soapy water and douse the cabinet as if it were on fire. Take your sponge and dip it into the water. Allow it to soak in the solution. Remove excess water and wipe it gently all over your cabinet. Do not scrub hard. If your sponge is made of abrasive fibers, with enough strength, you could scratch the surface of your cabinet.
  • Rinse off the detergent. Take the other bucket of water and the clean rag to rinse off the detergent. Again, do this gently. Dip the rag in the water and wipe away the suds. Be sure not to leave any residue as this could deteriorate the quality of your cabinet’s finish. Completely rinse away all of the soapy detergent water and allow it to dry for at least a day before returning its contents.

As you can see, cleaning pickled oak cabinets is very, very easy. All you really need is a good amount of water and some detergent, a sponge and a good attitude about getting wet.


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