How To Clean Picture Frames

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Besides taking care of our sentimentally valuable photos, we should also take care of their picture frames. There can't be any simpler way to do this but to clean our precious photo frames. But before you put anything on your picture frame, you need to first learn that different methods of cleaning are required depending on the make-up of your picture frame. Sizes of frames are never a factor but the sizes will determine the needed time to finish the cleaning.

Here's the common procedure of cleaning photo frames:

1. You won't be able to effectively clean the picture frame if it is still hanging on the wall or sitting on your desk. Take it down and remove the dust with a clean rag. This should be done regularly - at least every other day.

2. For more intense cleaning, you have to separate the picture frame parts. Remove the frame, the glass covering, the back support, and the picture.

3. Wipe off the dirt from the glass using a soft cotton rag. If the glass contains some hard headed spots, you can use a special liquid solution, like a dishwashing liquid, to remove it. Use this solution with a soft cotton cloth, but never with a paper towel because its fibers might just make the dirt worse. Wiping should be done in a circular motion. Digital photo frames will also need the glass to be wiped. But do this needs to be done very gently because you need to protect the pixels.

4. Dust off the frame itself. Use a small brush to remove dirt from embossed or engraved designs on custom frames, collage frames, or an art frame. Extra cleaning will be needed depending on the frame's material.

  • Wood frames - Never use water or any liquid to clean it because this will decay the wood faster. You may just scrape off the formed dirt on it through a knife or spoon. After that, you can apply varnish. Let it dry before displaying the wood frame again.
  • Gilt frame - You can use a water-ammonia solution to wipe off the dust. Gently rub the solution - never rub hard. Let it dry and apply the solution again. Dry it by gently dabbing the frame with a soft clean cloth.
  • Plastic frames - You can simply wipe the dust off with a cloth dipped in clean water.
  • Metal frames - Aside from removing the dust, you may also wipe it with a clean wet cloth but make sure to apply a spray metal paint after wiping. When spraying, make sure to lay the frame on a newspaper so that the spray won't get any further than just painting the metal frame. Let the paint dry before assembling the metal picture frame again.

If you want cheap cleaning, then just opt for dusting the dirt off of the frame and don't consider applying any paint on. These instructions also apply to the material used for custom frames, collage frames, or an art frame.

5. Clean the frame's back just like how the frames were cleaned. Follow the same procedures depending on its material make up.

This can be done inexpensively by buying wholesale materials. But buying wholesale is not ideal if you'll only use the material for a short time. It is also important to check online instructions of the picture frame's manufacturer before doing anything. Reading some online instructions can help you as well.


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