How To Clean Porcelain Figurines

Cleaning is necessary to keep a house fresh. This includes cleaning your porcelain figurines. Dusting miscellaneous items like figurines is not properly cleaning them. Not everybody understands how to do it correctly. Each item should be cleaned before restoring. A spray glaze is used for restoring, and this spray pastes all the dirt on the figurines if they are not cleaned before the restoration.

  1. Categorize your figurines as to whether they are historical or non-historical. Categorization is important in order to apply the necessary cleaning method.
  2. Check to see if the porcelain is fired finish or just gloss finished. Use a cotton swab and wet it with a tough paint remover. If there is a discoloration on the tested spot or a transfer of color to the cotton, then you can conclude that the porcelain is not fire finished.
  3. Previously restored figurines may be cleaned by using a milder solution. This mild cleaning solution plus a little extra care prolongs the life of the figurine.
  4. Remove the stains or darkness with a mild cleaning solution for an aged figurine.
  5. If the stains are not removed, put on your gloves and wear safety glasses then place the porcelain figurines in a plastic container.
  6. Pour in 40 percent hydrogen peroxide and cover the item. Let stand for 10 to 15 minutes and check if you have been successful.
  7. Prolong the soaking for 48-72 hours to have your desired result.


  • High gloss glaze-finished porcelains may be cleaned by any tough all-purpose dish cleaners or soap scum removers from supermarkets, with direct rinsing.
  • Bisque or unglazed porcelains may be cleaned by washing with all purpose cleaners followed by a bleach spray; do not use the bleach spray ahead of the cleaner, because the stains will remain un-removed.
  • Previously restored porcelains need a milder solution; no soaking or scrubbing is needed

Some people clean their figurines together with other small items on display. This they do by placing the items in a tub or basin, and then liberally spraying with a common cleaner. Spraying starts from base to top, not the other way. Gently scrub the portions where needed. A long lever brush or old tooth brush may be used to softly brush dirty and stained areas. If all the dirt is not removed, then use a little coarse powder cleanser and rub the un-cleaned area. Be careful not to destroy the polish.

Rinse thoroughly at once. Be sure to remove all cleaning detergents. They could etch the finish of the porcelain. Place items on a towel to let dry. If after your hard work the items or an item did not come out as clean as you expect, take them to a professional. He may have stronger chemicals that could remove debris and stains. For an item that was previously glued, the professional could do a strong stripping to dissolve the old glues. He knows what follows next so that the figurine will look similar to an original version.

Cleaning is fun but care should be observed.


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