How To Clean Rare Porcelain Figurines

The rare description that accompanies porcelain figurines can bring about intimidation especially in aspects of maintenance and cleaning. But in reality if you have the right concept and tools you won’t have a hard time keeping the appearance of your collection intact for years to come.

Proper and regular cleaning of your porcelain does not only maintain its aesthetic presentation but more importantly its value increases. Here are some of the basic steps in cleaning rare porcelain figurines.

  1. There’s no place for dust. You should make it a point to perform dusting religiously. You can achieve this by blowing or using dusting tools that are gentle and lightweight. Some of the qualified dusters are a small artist’s brush, your regular soft-bristled paint brush, feather duster, and chamois. Creases and crevices can pose a challenging dusting session. Brushes are the ones fit for the job.
  2. Give it a personal touch. Hand wash your precious porcelain. You can use a gentle dishwashing agent when the situation calls for it. Place the figurine under warm running water while you carefully rub stained area with a soft cloth. Do not utilize tools that are abrasive in nature. Avoid strong cleaners containing bleach or ammonia as this could facilitate chemical reactions that can cause permanent damage. Moreover, if there are holes on the figurine put some tape over to ensure that no water goes in. Once water is inside your figurine significant structural damage can occur.
  3. No shortcut in washing. The use of dishwasher is a big no-no. You might save time but the intense water pressure and extreme heat can deliver your collection to complete oblivion.
  4. Expect the unexpected. After rinsing your freshly bathed figurine you can lay it on a pile of paper towels. Give it time to air dry appropriately. Make sure that you reinforce the area with towels or rubber mats for precautionary measures regarding accidental fall or slippage. It would be better if you choose a drying site that is not susceptible to accidents.
  5. You don’t have to push it. Tough stains are the sole reason why rare porcelain figurines experience scrubbing. If you engage in such activity make sure that the scrubbing takes place only in the stained area. You should use a damp washcloth. For stubborn stains the need to submerge the porcelain into warm water can be considered. At this point you should be extra careful in the scrubbing part as irreversible damage is right around the corner. Once you’ve put all efforts into stain removal and the result is still negative it’s time to contemplate if the next drastic step is worth it.
  6. Read. Cleaning solutions vary from manufacturer to manufacturer that is why it is important to pay attention to the label. Read instructions carefully so that you won’t make mistakes that are gravely regrettable. To play safe you can conduct a test on a portion of the figurine which is not readily noticeable to see what effect the agent has on it.

When cleaning you rare porcelain collections bear in mind the pleasure it gives you when you look at it. By doing so, you will be more cautious thus your cleaning session would end on a positive note.


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