How To Clean Rust Off of Concrete

There are many ways that rust can form in concrete. You can get it from a continuous flow of water with rust content in it and you can also get it from leaving a rusting metal object on a concrete surface for a long time. When you let this happen, yellow or orange marks that could destroy the overall aesthetic harmony of your home may show on the concrete.  Here are some of the things you can do to remove these rust stains off from concrete.

  1. Prepare a bucket of water, vinegar or lemon juice, and a stiff bristled brush. These materials will be used for removing rust stains. The vinegar or lemon juice will be used in removing the rust stains, and the stiff bristled brush for rub off the rust.
  2. If you want to use lemon to remove the rust then you will have to get its juice. There are different ways to get lemon juice and it is practically up to you which one to choose. What really matters is that you can get enough lemon juice to cover the extent of the rust. The same goes if you opt to choose to use the vinegar.
  3. Weaken the rust attachment to concrete by putting the lemon juice or vinegar on the affected areas and let it penetrate for at least twenty minutes. Both vinegar and lemon juice are naturally acidic which means there is little dangerous effect on you. You still need to be careful though since both of them can damage plants and even kill them.
  4. If you see that the lemon juice or vinegar has already penetrated the rust, use the stiff bristled brush to rub rust off the concrete. This will probably take some time and the method might some require certain number of repetitions to get the rust out to the point that it can no longer be seen.
  5. The next thing you need to do is to clean it all up. Use the water you have prepared to wash it all away. Make sure that you clean it properly because there is a chance that the rust will settle on the concrete again. Make sure that you let the water reach a place where it could be washed away or at least to a place that is not that noticeable. Also, you need to be careful where the water goes because this water can still destroy and kill plants.

Rust can sometimes settle on the concrete so much that the above steps will not be enough to remove it. When this happens, you can buy a commercial rust remover and substitute it with the lemon juice or vinegar. The most effective commercial rust removers are those that have oxalic acid. Unlike lemon juice or vinegar that are natural acids, commercial rust removers are toxic and are dangerous to your health. Make sure to follow the instructions written on them for safety.


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